Vienna-based Orderlion has acquired Supli, a French startup that specializes in streamlining and optimizing food supply chains. It comes after a recent fundraise by the Austrian team and will enable them to grow internationally. 

The B2B food supply chain is inherently pretty complex. It consists of many different players and complexities to contend with – and that’s without even considering the fact that, today,  supply chains are under additional pressure from wider socioeconomic and geopolitical problems. It’s also one that has remained stuck in manual processes, with players in the food and beverage industry relying on competing platforms and processes. 

Since 2018 Orderlion has been working to improve things and has now announced the acquisition of French competitor, Supli. 

The Acquisition Deal

After picking up €4 million last month and sharing its international expansion plans, Orderlion has now snapped up its French rival, Supli, as it aims to take on this market. The acquisition will enable Orderlion to roll out its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform across France and accelerate its international growth.

In joining forces with Supli, Orderlion is quickly consolidating itself as a key player in the European market for digitalisation of the B2B food supply chain. 

Supli was founded in 2018 by Romain Rousselet and Antoine Gutierrez with the same mission as Orderlion, aiming to support food supply chain businesses to become more efficient and sustainable. Since then, the company has grown to €50 million in GMV. 

As part of the deal, existing Supli customers are switched over and onboarded to Orderlion’s platform. All Supli employees and the company’s two experienced founders, who previously lived and worked in Paris and New York in the consulting industry, are now joining Orderlion. 

Stefan Strohmer, CEO of Orderlion: “The acquisition of Supli is an important step in our strategy to expand our presence in Europe. Supli has developed very innovative solutions that are complementary to our own offering, and we look forward to working with them to bring these benefits to more businesses across France.”

Transforming the B2B food supply chain

Founded in 2018 by Stefan Strohmer (CEO) and Patrick Schubert (CTO), Orerlion was developed as a result of their first-hand experience with inefficiencies within the food supply chain. Their aim has been to make the B2B food supply chain more scalable and sustainable with digital tools, bringing the sector into the modern age. 

Its eCommerce operating system enables food and beverage suppliers and wholesalers to digitise the entire process, enabling them to more closely and efficiently with their respective customers, including restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets.

The platform allows user to set up their own mobile apps for digital order processing, integrating seamlessly with suppliers’ existing ERP systems. With its growing range of features, Orderlion additionally allows its customers to easily upsell new and seasonal products to increase revenue on average by a reported 35% and digitize their whole payment processing flow to save up to 95% of their process costs. With its B2B SaaS solution, Orderlion helps to reduce food loss along the food supply chain and to increase the economic resilience of its clients by enabling them to increase the efficiency of their operations.

Orderlion’s product is now being used by customers in five countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom, and France). 

Meanwhile, Supli has been leading the digitization of the food supply chain in France – becoming a local competitor when Orderlion expanded from its Austrian roots. This deal, therefore, represents a milestone for both companies, going from competitors t patterns and sharing their vision for a more efficient food supply chain. 

Romain Rousselet, former Founder & CEO of Supli: “It is a great milestone and the beginning of a new chapter for our team to have now become part of Orderlion. From the beginning, we’ve seen how strongly aligned both our company’s visions were and knew by combining our teams and technology platforms, we could significantly increase the value we bring to our customers. We are very much looking forward to growing Orderlion’s business in France together.”

This deal forms a key part of Orderlion’s international expansion plans and places it as a key European player in this space whilst bringing the market up to speed with the power of SaaS.