this week in security usb boom acropalypse and a bitcoin heist

This Week in Security: USB Boom! Acropalypse, and a Bitcoin Heist

We’ve covered a lot of sketchy USB devices over the years. And surely you know Read More →

sheepshaver a cross platform tool for retro enthusiasts

SheepShaver: A Cross-Platform Tool For Retro Enthusiasts

The world of desktop computing has coalesced into what is essentially a duopoly, with Windows Read More →

working with bgas soldering reballing and rework

Working with BGAs: Soldering, Reballing, and Rework

In our previous article on Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs), we explored how to design circuit Read More →

creating a game boy rom from pictures

Creating a Game Boy ROM From Pictures

There are very few legal ways of obtaining ROM files for video games, and Nintendo’s Read More →

why llama is a big deal

Why LLaMa Is A Big Deal

You might have heard about LLaMa or maybe you haven’t. Either way, what’s the big Read More →

a studio condenser microphone for a constrained budget

A Studio Condenser Microphone For a Constrained Budget

As the Internet has turned so many of us into content creators, we’ve seen the Read More →

vinyl sales ran circles around cds in 2022

Vinyl Sales Ran Circles Around CDs in 2022

How do you take your music these days? For those in Camp Tangible, it seems Read More →

new part day ti jumps in to the cheap mcu market

New Part Day: TI Jumps In To The Cheap MCU Market

One of the interesting areas in the world of new parts recently has been at Read More →

the rise and eventual fall of the sim card

The Rise and (Eventual) Fall of the SIM Card

There are few devices that better exemplify the breakneck pace of modern technical advancement than Read More →

remote water quality monitoring

Remote Water Quality Monitoring

While it can be straightforward to distill water to high purity, this is rarely the Read More →

3d printed shredder eats lettuce for breakfast

3D-Printed Shredder Eats Lettuce For Breakfast

Shredding things isn’t just good for efficiently and securely disposing of them. It’s also very Read More →

customizing the start up chime on a 1999 g3 imac

Customizing the Start-Up Chime On a 1999 G3 iMac

The start-up chime on Macs is probably as recognizable as the default Nokia ringtone in Read More →

study hacker history and update it

Study Hacker History, and Update It

Looking through past hacks is a great source of inspiration. This week, we saw [Russ Read More →

meet the new moteus bldc controller board the n1

Meet the New Moteus BLDC Controller Board, the N1

[Josh] over at mjbots just released a new version of the moteus controller board, dubbed Read More →

this week in security kali purple malicious notifications and cybersecurity strategy

This Week in Security: Kali Purple, Malicious Notifications, and Cybersecurity Strategy

After a one-week hiatus, we’re back. It’s been a busy couple weeks, and up first Read More →

virgin orbit pauses operations seeks funding

Virgin Orbit Pauses Operations, Seeks Funding

It looks as though things may have gone from bad to worse at Virgin Orbit, Read More →

fintech for insurance companies revolutionizing old school institutions

Fintech for Insurance Companies: Revolutionizing Old School Institutions

The insurance industry has been slow to adopt new technologies, but the rise of fintech Read More →

the x macro a historic preprocessor hack

The X Macro: A Historic Preprocessor Hack

If we told you that a C preprocessor hack dated back to 1968, you’d be Read More →

laser and webcam team up for micron resolution flatness measurements

Laser and Webcam Team Up for Micron-Resolution Flatness Measurements

When you want to measure the length, breadth, or depth of an object, there are Read More →

review xhdata d 219 short wave radio receiver

Review: XHDATA D-219 Short Wave Radio Receiver

As any radio amateur will tell you, the world of radio abounds with exciting possibilities. Read More →

the international space station is always up there

The International Space Station Is Always Up There

Thanks to its high orbital inclination, the International Space Station (ISS) eventually passes over most Read More →