DIY Repair Brings an X-Ray Microscope Back Into Focus

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Altoids Tin Spy Radio Goes Solid State

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Spooky Noise Box Plays War Drums

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E-Paper News Feed Illustrates the Headlines with AI-Generated Images

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Powerful Nerf Blaster Aims To Fire 100 Darts Per Second

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Replicating Faraday’s 200-Year-Old Electric Motor

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Driving a Motor with an Audio Amp Chip

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Hackaday Links: September 17, 2023

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The End of Basic?

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Spinning CRT Makes a 360 Degree Audio Oscilloscope

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The Science Behind the Majesty of Dancing Raisins

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Infinite Z-Axis Printer Aims to Print Itself Someday

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A Hierarchical Instruction Cache Tailored To Ultra-Low-Power Tightly-Coupled Processor Clusters

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Backyard LED Sculpture Inspired By Las Vegas Sphere

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Bare Bones Vacuum Forming, Just Add Plastic Plates

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Building a Rotating Display Plate From A Lazy Susan

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