Enhance data security and governance for Amazon Redshift Spectrum with VPC endpoints

Many customers are extending their data warehouse capabilities to their data lake with Amazon Redshift. Read More →

Simplify access management with Amazon Redshift and AWS Lake Formation for users in an External Identity Provider

Many organizations use identity providers (IdPs) to authenticate users, manage their attributes, and group memberships Read More →

Design a data mesh on AWS that reflects the envisioned organization

This post is written in collaboration with Claudia Chitu and Spyridon Dosis from ACAST. Founded in Read More →

AWS Lake Formation 2023 year in review

AWS Lake Formation and the AWS Glue Data Catalog form an integral part of a Read More →

Enforce fine-grained access control on Open Table Formats via Amazon EMR integrated with AWS Lake Formation

With Amazon EMR 6.15, we launched AWS Lake Formation based fine-grained access controls (FGAC) on Read More →

Power neural search with AI/ML connectors in Amazon OpenSearch Service

With the launch of the neural search feature for Amazon OpenSearch Service in OpenSearch 2.9, Read More →

Disaster recovery strategies for Amazon MWAA – Part 1

In the dynamic world of cloud computing, ensuring the resilience and availability of critical applications Read More →

Detect, mask, and redact PII data using AWS Glue before loading into Amazon OpenSearch Service

Many organizations, small and large, are working to migrate and modernize their analytics workloads on Read More →

Amazon OpenSearch Serverless now supports automated time-based data deletion 

We recently announced a new enhancement to OpenSearch Serverless for managing data retention of Time Read More →

Run Kinesis Agent on Amazon ECS

Kinesis Agent is a standalone Java software application that offers a straightforward way to collect Read More →

How smava makes loans transparent and affordable using Amazon Redshift Serverless

This is a guest post co-written by Alex Naumov, Principal Data Architect at smava. smava Read More →

Accelerate analytics on Amazon OpenSearch Service with AWS Glue through its native connector

As the volume and complexity of analytics workloads continue to grow, customers are looking for Read More →

New Amazon CloudWatch log class to cost-effectively scale your AWS Glue workloads

AWS Glue is a serverless data integration service that makes it easier to discover, prepare, Read More →

Sun King uses Amazon Redshift data sharing to accelerate data analytics and improve user experience

This post is co-authored with Guillaume Saint-Martin at Sun King.  Sun King is the world’s Read More →

AWS re:Invent 2023 Amazon Redshift Sessions Recap

Amazon Redshift powers data-driven decisions for tens of thousands of customers every day with a Read More →

Build efficient ETL pipelines with AWS Step Functions distributed map and redrive feature

AWS Step Functions is a fully managed visual workflow service that enables you to build Read More →

Automatically detect Personally Identifiable Information in Amazon Redshift using AWS Glue

With the exponential growth of data, companies are handling huge volumes and a wide variety Read More →

Break data silos and stream your CDC data with Amazon Redshift streaming and Amazon MSK

Data loses value over time. We hear from our customers that they’d like to analyze Read More →

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