panera to adopt palm swipe payment systems sparking privacy fears

Panera to Adopt Palm-Swipe Payment Systems, Sparking Privacy Fears

The U.S. bakery and cafe chain Panera will soon allow customers to pay by presenting Read More →

russia and india discuss northern sea shipping route

Russia and India Discuss Northern Sea Shipping Route

Russia and India are looking at expanding the use of the Northern Sea shipping route Read More →

alibaba to split into six groups and explore ipos

Alibaba to Split Into Six Groups and Explore IPOs

Alibaba, the Chinese business empire focused on e-commerce that entrepreneur Jack Ma built over two Read More →

aging shadow fleet carrying russian oil poses disaster risk

Aging Shadow Fleet Carrying Russian Oil Poses Disaster Risk

The oil tanker Turba normally should have been melted down by now. The 26-year-old vessel Read More →

dollar general is deemed a severe violator by the labor dept

Dollar General is Deemed a ‘Severe Violator’ by the Labor Dept.

Since January 2017, OSHA has inspected more than 270 Dollar General stores and found 111 Read More →

heathrow strike forces ba easter flight cancellations

Heathrow Strike Forces BA Easter Flight Cancellations

British Airways (BA) is cancelling around 32 flights a day to and from Heathrow Airport Read More →

analyzing data on train derailments

Analyzing Data on Train Derailments

Freight train derailments, including the recent one in East Palestine, Ohio, have prompted officials to Read More →

uaw picks shawn fain to take over presidency

UAW Picks Shawn Fain to Take Over Presidency

The United Auto Workers has confirmed that Shawn Fain will be sworn in as president Read More →

supply chain visibility and data management

Supply Chain Visibility and Data Management

Date: April 19th, 2023  Time: 11:00 AM ET Live Webinar: 1 hour Webinar Description Supply Read More →

how strategic sourcing can help smbs

How Strategic Sourcing Can Help SMBs

Strategic sourcing is a comprehensive approach to identifying, selecting and managing suppliers of raw materials Read More →

oil tankers divert away from strike ridden french ports

Oil Tankers Divert Away From Strike-Ridden French Ports

More oil tankers have diverted away from France as strikes disrupt the country’s petroleum industry. Read More →

u s due diligence firm says china detained its employees

U.S. Due Diligence Firm Says China Detained Its Employees

The authorities in China have raided the Beijing office of the Mintz Group, an American Read More →

the race is on to lure manufacturers from china

The Race is on to Lure Manufacturers From China

Countries ranging from Mexico to India and Cambodia are stepping up their competition for a Read More →

podcast supply chain for startups from zero to scale

Podcast | ‘Supply Chain for Startups’: From Zero to Scale

How does a brand new venture create a supply chain from scratch? A typical global Read More →

bombardier ceo sees blue skies and less debt after major overhaul

Bombardier CEO Sees Blue Skies and Less Debt After Major Overhaul

Bombardier developed the C Series aircraft, but was unable to make it a financial success Read More →

freight rebound hopes are fading because of retailer caution

Freight Rebound Hopes are Fading Because of Retailer Caution

The much-anticipated rebound in demand for freight services in the second half of the year Read More →

Electric Vehicle Battery Makers Test a Future Without Lithium

The debut of a vehicle using HiNa’s cells has battery experts reconsidering the potential for Read More →

CSX’s New CEO Has a Big Idea for Railroads: Carry More Freight

Hinrichs said his desire to shake things up at 195-year-old CSX is about capturing the Read More →

logistics outsourcing tender how many suppliers to invite

Logistics Outsourcing Tender – How Many Suppliers to Invite?

This is a really common question. How many Suppliers should you include in your Logistics Read More →

remote monitoring of raw material supply chains for sustainability with amazon sagemaker geospatial capabilities

Remote monitoring of raw material supply chains for sustainability with Amazon SageMaker geospatial capabilities

Deforestation is a major concern in many tropical geographies where local rainforests are at severe Read More →

pfizer to pay 43 billion for seagen set post covid course

Pfizer to Pay $43 Billion for Seagen, Set Post-COVID Course

Pfizer Inc. is purchasing cancer-drug maker Seagen Inc. for an enterprise value of $43 billion, Read More →