Amazon recently announced it had launched two new robotics tools aimed at improving efficiency and employee safety. The new features, dubbed Sequoia and Digit, are already operational at one of the company’s fulfillment centers in Houston, Texas.

Sequoia is a new robotics system that was implemented to help fulfill customer orders for the upcoming holiday season. Amazon said this technology allows the company to identify and store inventory at fulfillment centers 75% faster. Amazon also claims that Sequoia can reduce the amount of time needed to process an order by 25%.

The company also revealed plans to integrate Digit, a bipedal robot, into its operations. Amazon said that Digit will be initially used to help employees recycle totes.

“From the hardware to the artificial intelligence embedded in our robotics, we are passionate about technology that makes the work experience of our employees safer, easier, and less repetitive,” wrote Scott Dresser, the vice president for Amazon Robotics. “Doing so gives our employees the time and opportunity to take a step back, look at how orders are moving through our sites, and find new ways to delight and serve our customers.”