The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence: Unraveling the Latest Breakthroughs and Ethical Considerations

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has traversed a remarkable journey from its inception to becoming an integral part of modern society.

How VistaPrint delivers personalized product recommendations with Amazon Personalize

VistaPrint, a Cimpress business, is the design and marketing partner to millions of small businesses Read More →

Automate the process to change image backgrounds using Amazon Bedrock and AWS Step Functions

Many customers, including those in creative advertising, media and entertainment, ecommerce, and fashion, often need Read More →

Efficiently fine-tune the ESM-2 protein language model with Amazon SageMaker

In this post, we demonstrate how to efficiently fine-tune a state-of-the-art protein language model (pLM) Read More →

Alida gains deeper understanding of customer feedback with Amazon Bedrock

This post is co-written with Sherwin Chu from Alida. Alida helps the world’s biggest brands Read More →

How to weaponize LLMs to auto-hijack websites

We speak to professor who with colleagues tooled up OpenAI’s GPT-4 and other neural nets Read More →

Google open sources file-identifying Magika AI for malware hunters and others

Cool, but it’s 2024 – needs more hype, hand wringing, and flashy staged demos to Read More →

Code Llama 70B is now available in Amazon SageMaker JumpStart

Today, we are excited to announce that Code Llama foundation models, developed by Meta, are Read More →

What Is Procurement? Your Ultimate Guide to the Process, Strategies, and Automation

Procurement is a pivotal function for any business upon which the pillars of strategic sourcing Read More →

The Comprehensive Guide to AI in Invoice Data Capture

Traditional invoice processing methods often fall short in the ever-evolving landscape of business operations, where Read More →

Detect anomalies in manufacturing data using Amazon SageMaker Canvas

With the use of cloud computing, big data and machine learning (ML) tools like Amazon Read More →

Announcing the 2nd Edition of “Applied Artificial Intelligence: A Handbook For Business Leaders”

In an era where Artificial Intelligence continues to reshape the business landscape, it’s imperative for Read More →

How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Our Daily Routines?

In the fast-paced landscape of the 21st century, technological advancements have become the driving force behind transformative changes in our daily routines.

BIS Advances Technology in Finance: Quantum, AI, and Green Initiatives for 2024

The Bank for International Settlements announces six innovative projects for 2024, focusing on quantum security, Read More →

Zapier + QuickBooks: Accounting automation workflow ideas

Automation in accounting? A game-changer! Imagine invoice processing costs dropping from $40 to $1.42 each. That's why accounting automation Read More →

Lukewarm reception for Microsoft’s Copilot Pro amid performance, cost grumbles

Pricey AI assistant met with enthusiasm and indifference Just over a week after Microsoft unveiled Read More →

AI on the Hunt for Better Batteries

While certain dystopian visions of the future have humans power the grid for AIs, Microsoft Read More →

What is FNOL in Insurance?

People buy insurance policies with the hope that in the event of an unfortunate loss Read More →

e-Tendering in 2024: Understanding, Benefits, and Real-World Applications

Years ago, suppliers and buyers lined up at auction houses to wheel and deal, negotiating Read More →

Law designed to stop AI bias in hiring decisions is so ineffective it’s slowing similar initiatives

New York’s LL144 rated too broad, but researchers hope others can learn from that mistake Read More →

Robocaller spoofing Joe Biden is telling people not to vote in New Hampshire

Meanwhile, OpenAI is hiring an ‘elections program manager’ for $190,000+ Robo-calls featuring the faked voice Read More →

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