UV LED maker Nitek sues Photon Wave in USA

News: LEDs 22 September 2023 UV LED maker Nitek sues Photon Wave in USA UV Read More →

Germany and Bavaria governments to provide €300m IPCEI funding for ams OSRAM to expand opto R&D and manufacturing

News: Optoelectronics 22 September 2023 ams OSRAM GmbH of Premstätten, Austria and Munich, Germany has Read More →

OIF’s multi-vendor interoperability demonstrations at ECOC feature 39 firms

News: Optoelectronics 21 September 2023 The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) says that, in its booth Read More →

Infineon providing 1200V CoolSiC MOSFETs for Infypower’s EV charger stations

News: Microelectronics 21 September 2023 Infineon Technologies AG of Munich, Germany is providing 1200V CoolSiC Read More →

Building Better Bridges In Advanced Packaging

The increasing challenges and rising cost of logic scaling, along with demands for an increasing Read More →

When And Where To Implement AI/ML In Fabs

Deciphering complex interactions between variables is where machine learning and deep learning shine, but figuring Read More →

Ferroelectric Memories Answer Call For Non-Volatile Alternatives

As system designers seek to manipulate larger data sets while reducing power consumption, ferroelectric memory Read More →

Reverse Laser Assisted Bonding (R-LAB) Technology For Chiplet Module Bonding On Substrate

By SeokHo Na, MinHo Gim, GaHyeon Kim, DongSu Ryu, DongJoo Park, and JinYoung Kim In Read More →

Camtek buying FormFactor’s FRT Metrology business for $100m

News: Suppliers 20 September 2023 Inspection and 3D metrology equipment maker Camtek Ltd of Migdal Read More →

IQE and VisIC to co-develop D-Mode GaN power devices for EVs

News: Microelectronics 20 September 2023 Epiwafer and substrate maker IQE plc of Cardiff, Wales, UK Read More →

Leveraging In-Package Wireless Technology To Improve The Thermal Behavior Of 2.5D Chiplet-Based SoP

A technical paper titled “REMOTE: Re-thinking Task Mapping on Wireless 2.5D Systems-on-Package for Hotspot Removal” Read More →

Framework for Prototyping And In-Hardware Evaluation of Post-Quantum Cryptography HW Accelerators (TU Darmstadt)

A technical paper titled “PQC-HA: A Framework for Prototyping and In-Hardware Evaluation of Post-Quantum Cryptography Read More →

Automotive semiconductor firm indie acquires EXALOS

News: Optoelectronics 19 September 2023 Automotive semiconductor and software platform provider indie Semiconductor Inc of Read More →

BluGlass receives custom GaN laser order from repeat customer

News: Optoelectronics 19 September 2023 BluGlass Ltd of Silverwater, Australia — which develops and manufactures Read More →

New customer orders Aehr FOX-NP multi-wafer test and burn-in system for silicon carbide MOSFETs

News: Suppliers 19 September 2023 Semiconductor production test, burn-in and reliability qualification equipment supplier Aehr Read More →

Umicore collaborates with RENA to enhance germanium wafers

News: Suppliers 18 September 2023 Germanium product and materials solutions supplier Umicore Electro-Optic Materials (EOM) Read More →

GlobiTech selects Aixtron’s G10-SiC CVD system for expansion into silicon carbide market

News: Suppliers 18 September 2023 Deposition equipment maker Aixtron SE of Herzogenrath, near Aachen, Germany Read More →

Gallium Semiconductor makes available first ISM CW amplifier

News: Microelectronics 18 September 2023 Singapore-based Gallium Semiconductor — which designs and manufactures RF gallium Read More →

Quantum Plus AI Widens Cyberattack Threat Concerns

Quantum computing promises revolutionary changes to the computing paradigm that the semiconductor industry has operated Read More →

Formally Verifying Data-Oblivious Behavior In HW Using Standard Property Checking Techniques

A technical paper titled “A Scalable Formal Verification Methodology for Data-Oblivious Hardware” was published by Read More →

Hardware Platform For Evolving Robots

A technical paper titled “Practical hardware for evolvable robots” was published by researchers at University Read More →