Big Data

Stream multi-tenant data with Amazon MSK

Real-time data streaming has become prominent in today’s world of instantaneous digital experiences. Modern software as a service (SaaS) applications across all industries rely more and more on continuously generated data from different data sources such as web and mobile applications, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, social media platforms, and ecommerce sites. Processing these data streams in real time is

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Behind the Scenes: Never Trust User Input

This article is the first in a series of posts I’m writing about running various SaaS products and websites for the last 8 years. I’ll be sharing some of the issues I’ve dealt with, lessons I’ve learned, mistakes I’ve made, and maybe a few things that went right. Let me know what you think! Back in 2019 or 2020, I

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Bitdeer and NVIDIA Partner to Launch AI Cloud Service in Asia

Bitdeer Technologies Group (NASDAQ: BTDR), a leader in blockchain and high-performance computing, has teamed up with NVIDIA to introduce a new cloud service in Asia, according to Globenewswire. Named Bitdeer AI Cloud, this service is poised to be powered by NVIDIA’s advanced DGX SuperPOD with DGX H100 systems, representing a major development in the region’s technological landscape. The partnership comes at

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Empower your Jira data in a data lake with Amazon AppFlow and AWS Glue

In the world of software engineering and development, organizations use project management tools like Atlassian Jira Cloud. Managing projects with Jira leads to rich datasets, which can provide historical and predictive insights about project and development efforts. Although Jira Cloud provides reporting capability, loading this data into a data lake will facilitate enrichment with other business data, as well as

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London-based Ramp raises €4.7 million to make business forecasting frictionless

UK-based Ramp is on a mission to rewrite the rules of forecasting by unlocking the power of cohort-based forecasting. The startup has just secured about €4.7 million ($5 million) to scale. It’s reported that in 99% of businesses, financial modelling and forecasting are still done with the humble spreadsheet. In today’s constantly changing digital world, this tool has become outdated.

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10 super exciting startups from Malta to watch in 2023!

Magical Malta is famous for its stunning landscapes, warm climate and rich cultural heritage. The archipelago is used as the backdrop for major film productions and is also home to some of the oldest temples in the world. Malta might be the smallest EU member state but it’s mighty. It’s an ever-more popular tourist destination and cradles what has made

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UK-Based Growyze has secured €735k to streamline stock control for the hospitality industry

Based in the UK, Growyze is on a mission to help food and beverage businesses operate smarter, greener and in a more efficient way. The startup has secured €735k for its SaaS solution that streamlines stock control and prevents operational losses. The hospitality industry is increasingly going digital. It’s a sector that has traditionally relied upon paper-heavy, manual processes, but, times

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Making recruitment fair, efficient and bias-free | Interview with Malcolm Burenstam Linder Co-Fouunder and CEO of Alva Labs

The competition for talent is fierce. Brought on by changing attitudes, the so-called Great Resignation, and a global lack of skilled workers, it’s now incredibly challenging for companies to make key hires. At the same time, job-seekers are struggling to find the right roles, finding it tough to stand out and get noticed. The digital transformation of our world has

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Berlin-based Beazy snaps up new funding to support the growing creative economy

Beazy, a startup aiming to build the operating system of the booming creative economy, has secured new funding. It takes the Berlin-based team’s total funding to €1 million as demand for creative content continues to grow. For companies and organisations across sectors, content has become incredibly important. There are now a number of companies helping fuel the creativity that underpins

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Growblocks bags €6 million to help companies unlock their revenue potential

Copenhagen-based Growblocks is on a mission to help companies unlock their revenue potential with enhanced data insights and forecasting. The startup has just secured €6 million as demand picks up.  For any company, having a clear growth plan is a fundamental part of business. Revenue planning and execution inform a compy’s growth trajectory, inform decisions, and form part of reviews

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Enterprise knowledge management: The lowdown (Sponsored)

Every day, your business generates information. From sales reports and new policies to client feedback and everything in between. Creating, gathering and managing this knowledge are the foundations of productive online teamwork and a low-overhead operation – and it calls for some well-considered strategy to get it right.  In our digital world, most companies have some kind of software for

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10 incredible Icelandic startups to watch in 2023!

Iceland’s startup ecosystem is exploding! A nation of ice and fire, Iceland is also rapidly becoming known for its fresh approach to innovation and exciting entrepreneurial stories. It’s a country where resilience is part of the culture, just as much as relishing the beautiful moments when they come, like the astounding Northern Lights – and perhaps this delicate balance between

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Selfies for skincare | Interview with Anastasia Georgievskaya, CEO and Co-founder, Haut.AI

How often do you find yourself wondering if a certain skincare product is right for you? For most people, especially those with sensitive skin, choosing a skincare product is a challenge that often results in trial and error, repeatedly going through skincare samples until they arrive at a skincare routine that works. This is not for lack of skincare products,

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Balancing economics and the environment in the built environment | A conversation with Jens Thumm, Co-Founder and CEO, Predium

The built environment – from the materials used in construction to the use and maintenance of the buildings – contributes to almost 40% of global CO2 emissions. It is only right that sustainability and ESG should never be just buzzwords in the built environment ecosystem.  According to the European Building Stock Observatory, over 75% of buildings in the EU are

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European healthtech in 2023 | With insights from Medudoc Founder, Mona Ciotta

Healthcare is a fundamental part of life and society across the world – and it’s a space that constantly evolving, adapting and under scrutiny. Whilst the covid pandemic might now be fading out of daily conversations, it, in many ways, has left profound change and impact in the world – namely on healthcare.  The global lockdown ushered in a new

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The future of European B2B SaaS: Interview with Andrew Jenkins, Co-Founder of Conviction VC

One of the big growth areas in European tech over the course of 2022 was B2B SaaS. We saw plenty of investment interest in this space, exciting new product developments and the establishment of a promising market for European startups to develop into.  B2B SaaS stands for business-to-business Software-as-a-Service. It includes cloud-based software that is used by businesses for various

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10 Polish startups to watch in 2023 and beyond

Poland is economically one of the largest countries in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and ranks 24th worldwide in nominal GDP. An important feature of its economy is that its purchasing power is very much in the hands of “young” citizens, with a population of 38 million and an average age of 41.8 years, Poland is a country where many

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UK-based Hotel Manager raises over €1 million to help hotels manage a new era for travel

Traveltech innovators Hotel Manager have just raised over €1 million – just a few weeks after taking part in the FutureTravel Pitch Competition! The startup is building the modern infrastructure for hotels, helping them cater to travel needs in the digital age.  The travel industry is continuing to showcase high levels of exciting innovation. Since the days of the pandemic,

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Spanish startup CoverManager lands a fresh €17 million cash boost to expand its restaurant tech solution

Seville-based CoverManager has just raised €17 million in new capital as it plans international expansion. The Spanish startup is on a mission to improve how restaurants operate and is growing fast as the industry digitizes.  The digital transformation has influenced pretty much every sector and our day-to-day lives and interactions are increasingly enabled by tech. One of the sectors that

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How startups can use the cloud to gain a competitive edge (Sponsored)

While funds for 2023 are being raised and startups are coming up against financial stress and pressure, now’s the time for teams to take a look at getting the competitive edge. Leveraging technical infrastructure can help support growth, taking the pressure off and helping startups to weather the financial winter. We took a look with Scaleway as they launch The

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