If you want your customers to stay loyal to your company, you should make sure that you understand exactly what they need. This will help you to deliver the right products and services at the right time. The idea is to try to anticipate what they might need before they ask for it as the last thing they want is to struggle to find the answer to their questions.

Automation can help you satisfy your customer needs: live chat, FAQs, chatbots...

Why should you use automation?

There are many companies that forget to consider basic customer needs like, being easily reachable, providing quick and effective answers to frequently asked questions, etc. Nowadays people have higher expectations than ever. Therefore, automation can become a key ally to provide timely answers at scale.

Automation is now widely used, some of your processes may already be automated without you even realizing it. By having control over the entire automation process, you will know exactly which actions are performed and you will be able to modify them in case of malfunction.

Save money, time and avoid repetitive tasks, while providing speed, convenience and consistency to your users. Automation will accompany you throughout your growth, guaranteeing the quality of your services and the trust of your customers.

Satisfy your customer needs step by step

1. Identify what your customers really need

A great experience lies in the fluidity of the actions necessary to meet a demand. Identifying the steps your customers need to take and the potential issues they may encounter will give you a good starting point. 

You must consider the industry you’re in and the type of customers you’re talking to. Knowing correctly your customer’s profile can be a key differentiator to ensure you provide the best experience for them.

  • Where do they live
  • What do they do?
  • Why are they interested in your services/products?
Satisfy customer needs with a proactive chatbot

The more information you get on your buyer persona, the easier it will be to predict their needs. Although the best way to know what they think remains to ask them at key moments of their journey.

Then, centralizing all the information you provide on your processes, products or services can help you keep them updated on a regular basis.

A well managed knowledge base can be a great source of information from the analysis of the content performance.

Optimize help site traffic with an AI-Powered Knowledge to push relevant content, identify FAQs, and suggest popular topics.

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2. Make information accessible at all times

No matter the day or time, customers expect quick answers and most importantly the fastest resolution of their issue. Otherwise, you can expect time on site to free fall, as well as crazy bounce rates.

The main advantage of automation in customer support for global companies is to provide 24/7 assistance to their clients, wherever they may be.

Self-service automation tools are the best ally of support teams.

Self-service solutions are the key for customer satisfaction

Businesses have found out that letting people find answers by themselves is the best strategy to satisfy customer needs.

  • Chatbots are often the firsts to come to mind. You can easily build an AI chatbot embed to the channels of your choice. NLP and Neuro-Symbolic AI combined can power human-like automated interactions with your customers.

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  • One of the most overlooked solutions is the one that could make all the difference 90% of the time. AI based search engines are a great asset to anticipate and satisfy your customer needs. Autocomplete suggestions, understanding of long-tail queries, and reduced search time.
An AI based search engine is a great tool to satisfy customer needs
  • Although, a dynamic FAQ can be enough to reduce frequent incoming support requests. 

It’s just a matter of finding the right fit for your needs!

3. Give special attention to complex issues to satisfy customer needs

Far from being the end of human customer service, automation is a great help for your team as they are being discharged of repetitive queries. Actually, people still tend to feel safer making a phone call when they are facing a more serious matter.

Zendesk CX trends 2022 mentioned that customers believe artificial intelligence should make their life easier and that it should improve customer service quality”

AI should offload work from customer service agents so they can focus on more complex issues. 

Automation is empowering your agents by freeing up some time for them to study each case correctly. They now have the ability to provide a better customer experience as they themselves are less stressed and have more time to dedicate to each of the clients’ issues. Less frustration on the customers side and more convenience for the employees. 

Is automation the future of customer care?

So, is automation the solution that will solve all your customers’ problems?

The way we interact with our customers has changed dramatically over the past few decades, depending on your company, the age and habits of your customers, they will be more or less receptive to the automation of some of your processes. 

But the truth is that automation is already very much part of our daily life and will be adopted in more and more industries. The key is to find the right amount of automation for your business and then take a look at the number of tickets slowing down face to the self-served clients.

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