Poland is economically one of the largest countries in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and ranks 24th worldwide in nominal GDP. An important feature of its economy is that its purchasing power is very much in the hands of “young” citizens, with a population of 38 million and an average age of 41.8 years, Poland is a country where many innovative startups are springing up. Also, Poland is also well known worldwide for the quality of work of its developers and programmers.

Growth in the startup ecosystem in Poland is also supported by the Polish government’s growing interest in encouraging new innovative ideas, working towards a new Polish economy focused on digitalization and new technologies. Reinforcing this growth there are also more than 55 promising accelerators and incubators in the country.

The startup ecosystem in Poland is mostly characterized by early stage startups, and rather few are those that have reached later stages or even unicorn status. But we’ve witnessed some very promising signals over the past few years, and today Poland is already home to a few fast-growing unicorns like Docplanner and soonicorns like Brainly. 

In terms of investor interest: In 2021, around €792 million were invested in 425 transactions in 379 Polish innovative companies. Compared to 2020 this represents a strong increase, both in terms of the number of funding rounds and in terms of total funding value.

We started the year with a bit of reseach and took a close look at the Polish startup ecosystem in order to introduce you to 10 exceptionally promising startups to keep an eye on in 2023 and beyond. We focused on fast-growing Polish startups that were founded between 2019 and today. Here is our selection:

DemoBoost: Warsaw-based DemoBoost is a B2B SaaS company that aims at simplifying how work teams can prepare, edit and share product demos in a few minutes. With a team of around 25 people this Polish SaaS startup helps companies to make a better customer experience by giving them useful engagement data and insight, so that product personalization becomes easier and more efficient. DemoBoost was founded in 2021 and it has collected a total amount of €1.7 million.

Mindgram: Warsaw-based Mindgram is a B2B mental health and wellbeing platform founded in 2021. With a team of roughly 70 employees this fast-growing startup is trying to bring well-being benefits to employees, with their platform that is currently translated into Spanish, English and Polish, where people can find a well being monitoring tool, work-life supports, personal coaching and inclusiveness. Since its founding year it has raised a total amount of €9.9 million.

Doctor.One: Warsaw-based Doctor.One is a virtual clinic startup that aims at giving people easy access to private doctors care. This next-generation health provider gathers every health related information in a phone App, all your medical history, continuous patient support and consultations, a fast way of accessing to your doctor, everything in a subscription tailored to everyone needs. This Polish modern health-care startup was founded in 2021 and it now has a team of 30 employees. Since its founding year it has collected a total amount of €2.6 million.

Flexee: Warsaw-based Flexee is revolutionizing the way salary is earned and managed by employees. This Polish App makes it possible to let people earn their money whenever they want, not only once per month without additional company costs. With a team of around 15 employees Flexee wants to help people get direct access to their salary allowing them to decide when to transfer money to their private bank account. This B2B fintech startup was founded in 2020 and has raised a total amount of €3.8 million.

Booste: Szczecin-based Booste is a Polish fintech startup that aims at giving financial growth to ecommerce companies. The founding team behind Booste is aiming to be updated with the fast growing ecommerce world, providing companies with the right analysis and an easy access to the best partners they can have. The fast-growing startup was founded in 2020 and has so far collected a total amount of €14.6 million in funding.

Digital First AI: Rzeszow-based Digital First AI is a B2B marketing platform that helps companies in making an efficient marketing strategy saving time and money. The ambitious team behind Digital First AI aims to make it possible for businesses to have access to personalized tactics in order to boost engagements and scale revenues. The fast-growing startup was founded in 2021 and has loaded a total amount of €1.1 million since then.

esportsLAB: Bialystok-based esportsLAB is an esports performance analytic platform that enables esports users and organizations to be more self-aware and better know their potential. With a team of 25 employees this Polish gaming software is combining Artificial Intelligence with professional expertise and wearable devices in order to develop the best data-driven esports insight. It was founded in 2019 and has raised a total amount of €5 million till date.

ReSpo.Vision: Warsaw-based ReSpo.Vision is a Sport Tech startup that is revolutionizing the football sector with their artificial intelligence. With a team of around 28 football passionate employees this innovative Polish startup aims at giving the best football players insight to professionals, managers, scouts and clubs. Their useful data are used to improve a team performance, make game predictions, and purchase new players. It was founded in 2020 and har landed a total amount of €3 million in funding.

BioCam: Wroclaw-based BioCam is an innovative health tech startup that is bringing a new way of doing gastrointestinal examinations, more comfortable and easy to do. This Polish startup currently counts 31 employees that are giving their contribution in the creation of an endoscopic capsule that makes it possible to examine the digestive system by just swallowing the small Al capsule. This innovative medical startup was founded in 2019 and has raised €2.1 million since then.

Tech To The Rescue: Warsaw-based Tech To The Rescue is giving its contribution in making this world a better one. Founded in 2021 and with a team of 27 people, Tech To The Rescue is linking tech companies to non-profit organizations in order to let social impact organizations learn and increase their knowledge and be more influential. This positive impact startup believes that the difference can be made only if actors are linked and cooperate together. Since its founding year it has raised €1.3 million.

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Source: https://www.eu-startups.com/2023/01/10-polish-startups-to-watch-in-2023-and-beyond/