On 3rd December 2019, Zilliqa announced their decision to combine the Ecosystem Programme with other ongoing incubation projects into a single master project that will be referred to as ZILHive. 

The announcement also released a list of the projects that have won the fifth wave of ZILHive Grants.

The ongoing incubation projects include projects from both their Education and Accelerator fronts.

ZILHive Brand Umbrella Will Make Zilliqa the Building Platform of Choice for Key Players

Zilliqa, the next generation high throughput blockchain platform, stated that plans for future growth had inspired this decision. It also aims to promote the continuous development of its $ZIL platform. 

In their announcement, Zilliqa stated that the platform is currently experiencing a period of growth on its focus on enterprise adoption. As such, Zilliqa has decided it is important to make sure they have aligned objectives of each project to support the forward direction of Zilliqa. 

“This is why we have chosen to sync our different initiatives under the ZILHive brand umbrella. ZILHive will sync these initiatives to cultivate a meaningful, resourceful environment for developers, entrepreneurs, students, investors, educators, and leaders.” 

Under the ZILHive brand Umbrella, all the mentioned key players will be able to pool and allocate their resources together and make Zilliqa the destination platform of choice to build on.

ZILHive Will Have ZILHive Grants as Its Key Component

ZILHive Grants is the popular $5million ecosystem grant Programme by Zilliqa that was launched in August 2018. So far, Zilliqa stated that they have seen fantastic results from the project and have already supported a total of 61 projects globally from more than 20 countries.

Some of the mentioned countries include India, Australia, Estonia, Russia, Uganda, Sweden, Germany, Singapore, and China.

“We find it crucial for the projects we support to be aligned with Zilliqa’s larger priorities. Therefore, they are under the ZILHive umbrella.”

The fifth wave of the ZILHive Grants will support projects that have provided excellent business ideas and infrastructure. The projects include Tora, XanPool, Automated Statistics Analysis Framework, and Dapp Pocket.

List of Blockchain Development Platforms Offering Grants Continues To Grow

Zilliqa is one of the many blockchain platforms that are offering grants for projects building on their platform, for the benefit of their ecosystems and to promote the development of real-life blockchain-based solutions.

ConsenSys Grants is a gateway for funding blockchain and open-source Ethereum projects. It offers grants to blockchain projects “that meet the needs of a rapidly accelerating Ethereum Ecosystem.” In 2019, ConsenSys planned to give away $500,000 worth of grants. Some of their funded projects include Lighthouse and Notus.

Tezos Foundation also recently announced its second cohort of 14 grantees of the Tezos Ecosystem Grants. Tezos offers a platform to build centralized apps and create smart contracts. Their grants are offered to projects that contribute to the advancement of Tezos and the expansion of the blockchain ecosystem. The blockchain technology platform æternity, which is based in Bulgaria, launched two foundations last year in Bulgaria and Liechtenstein. The foundations aim to provide grants and educational support to innovative blockchain projects.

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