Introduction to DeepSwap

DeepSwap is a web-based AI application that specializes in creating face swap videos, photos, and GIFs. With a user base exceeding 150 million, it offers a platform for engaging in humorous face swapping activities, such as movie character impersonations, gender face reversals, and face memes. This article explores the features, use cases, safety, and alternatives to DeepSwap, providing an unbiased and concrete overview.

AI Face Swap Generator Types

AI Video Generator: The Deepswap app’s AI Video Generator offers users access to cutting-edge AI face-changing technology, opening up limitless possibilities for video creation and character transformation. This advanced feature allows users to create high-quality face swap videos by seamlessly integrating their faces with those of famous movie roles. Whether you want to see yourself as Wednesday Addams or explore other iconic characters, the AI Video Generator provides shockingly realistic results. The technology behind this feature analyzes facial patterns, expressions, and contours to ensure a perfect match, allowing for a wide range of creative and entertaining applications. From personal entertainment to professional content creation, the AI Video Generator by Deepswap offers an innovative and engaging way to experiment with face swapping in videos. 

AI Photo Generator: DeepSwap’s AI Photo Generator is a user-friendly tool that makes face-swapping in photos simple and effortless. Whether you want to create a new ID photo, a wedding picture, or a travel image, this feature offers seamless quality, thanks to AI-powered technology.  DeepSwap is an optimal choice for anyone looking to edit or generate face swap photos without the need for extensive effort or expertise. 

Face Meme GIF maker: DeepSwap’s Face Meme GIF Maker allows you to create funny and unique face meme GIFs with ease. Tap into trending memes to boost your social media presence and drive traffic to your platforms. This user-friendly tool offers a quick way to personalize content and enjoy the spotlight.

 AI Girl Generator: you can crate your dream girl by entring description, like smile girl on beach, office asia lady and cute girl.

Ease of Use

Simple three-step process for generating face swaps.

1. Upload the video/photo/gif you want to swap face on.

2. Choose your or a celebrity’s Face to swap.

3. Download your ai reface video.

Privacy, Legal, and Safety Measures

DeepSwap offers three distinct ways to log in, including Google, Facebook, and email, and it’s essential for users to remember their chosen method to avoid creating multiple accounts. Concerning data deletion, all data, including uploaded videos and changed faces, will be automatically deleted after 7 days, and users have the option to manually delete videos. DeepSwap assures that they won’t record any of the user’s data.

While DeepSwap does not provide an account deletion function, creations expire after 7 days, and any deletion of original materials is permanent. Users can contact customer service to clear their registration record if needed. For non-members who have credits on their account, they can upload videos using credits but are limited to two free face swaps per day.

The platform emphasizes safety, stating that DeepSwap only keeps basic information like Account ID and membership status for customer service purposes. Uploads and creations data are not collected, underlining a strong commitment to privacy and safety.

The legal terms emphasize the need for proper authorization when entering into the Terms of Service (TOS), adherence to age restrictions (with provisions for those under legal age to be supervised by a guardian), and compliance with local laws, specifically those of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) or other applicable jurisdictions. These stipulations ensure that users engaging with the services meet specific legal criteria and abide by relevant regulations.


DeepSwap offers a free version with limitations and a Premium version with features like faster processing, no watermarks, and priority use for new features. The premium version costs $9.99/month or $49.99/year.  Premium version includes below benefits:

Access to Pro Model: Unlock advanced features and capabilities.

Unlimited Photo Uploads: Enjoy the freedom to upload as many photos as you like.

Monthly Credits: Receive 20 credits every month for additional services.

No Watermarks: Create content without any branding or watermarks.

Increased Video Size: Upload videos up to a maximum size of 500M.

AI Girl Generation: Generate and customize looks with AI-powered tools.

Priority Processing: Benefit from faster processing times for your projects.

Extended Video Length: Create videos with a maximum length of 10 minutes.

Early Access to New Features: Be the first to try out new and upcoming features.

Support for Multiple Formats: Work with various video and photo formats for greater flexibility.

DeepSwap Alternatives

FaceSwapper: A user-friendly tool designed for photo editing, FaceSwapper enables easy face swapping in images, with customization options.

Facehub: A real-time app that enables face-to-face swapping, allowing for instant transformations.

Reface: Known for its high-quality face replacement in videos, Reface utilizes AI technology for realistic and seamless transformations.

Reflect: Specializes in realistic face swapping and meme creation, offering detailed adjustments.

Morphin: Offers CGI technology to place your face into famous GIFs and memes, creating personalized and engaging content.

Face Swap Live: Allows users to swap faces in live videos, providing a dynamic and interactive experience.


DeepSwap is a powerful tool for creating deep swaps and deep fakes.  It is a well-liked option due to its versatility and simplicity of usage. Users should be conscious of the restrictions and possible problems, particularly with the free version. As AI develops, solutions like DeepSwap enable quick and easy video creation and editing, providing new opportunities for creativity and pleasure.

Image source: Shutterstock Source: https://Blockchain.News/wiki/what-is-deepswap