SEO is one of the leading services that help get organic traffic. Well-optimized websites get more traffic which helps to generate leads and sales for your business.

What is ranking in SEO?

In SEO, ranking refers to the content, which means how much the visitors search the keyword. The position of the website in SERP. There are different ranking factors, such as content, the quality of backlinks, etc. If your rank is higher, then the website traffic will increase. In other words, ranking is directly proportional to website traffic.

The top current Ranking Factors are as follow: –

  1. Accessible and secure website: – The right URL is important for SEO ranking. The URL should be easily reachable and crawl. Google should also be able to fetch your URL easily. The page’s content should be understandable for Google to boost our content and increase traffic.
  • The website should be created with a well-coded website builder.
  • A sitemap that lists all pages
    If you are running with the WordPress site, you have to sitemap via All one SEO, or you can use an online sitemap generator.
  1. Page Speed (Mobile Page also)
    Page speed cited has been one of the leading SEO ranking factors for several years. Google wants to improve the web user experience; therefore, the fast loading of the web page should be done.
    Google account is the search engine’s algorithm, and it has also been updated on mobile speed. There is a penalty if the loading takes time.
    The best way to start your Google Search Console is to update your site performance very clearly and the website’s speed.
  1. Mobile Friendliness: In past years, more people have come to the website through mobile phones than desktops. This is the biggest reason there is a change in the Google rank search result.
    Google now uses a mobile-first index, which signifies that by sites designed for desktops and laptops, it draws its outcomes first through sites designed to work for mobile devices. If your website is mobile-friendly, you can avoid being unfairly ranked lower.Different things include: –
  • Include menus to navigate the site.
  • The Ads hide important content.
  • Readable font for all devices.
  • The responsive site is automatically resized on the device which is opened.
  1. Domain Age, URL, and Authority
    The best way to choose the domain name is to focus on a URL that reflects the business and helps to optimize it. Authority matters a lot in the ranking factor of Search engines. The combination of content and off-page SEO leads to social share. This follows the E-A-T, which includes content creation.
  1. Optimized Content
    Digging down, let us talk about the keyword research guide. The google search algorithm relies on keywords. The phrases and words the searcher uses the different information.
    Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is the method to see the set of documents which occurs in words together and then give insights into the documents and words.
  1. Technical SEO
    This is the best way to optimize the content for better search engine ranking. Server optimization, which helps to search engines index and spiders crawl on the website, is more effective. It ensures easy navigation and free technical issues.
  1. User Experience
    Google’s AI algorithm is called RankBrain, which is good for web page ranking. This includes:
  • Click-through rates:
  • Bounce rate
  • Dwell time
  1. Links
    This is one of the vital things for SEO. These links are crucial SEO ranking signals. There are three kinds of links:
  • Outbound links
  • Internal Links
  • Inbound Links

Bottom Line
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