Web3 alternatives to conventional applications

Although the current version of the Web 2.0 has given people incredible opportunities for creating content and generating profit, this potential still depends on the participation of large technology companies such as Google, Facebook or Twitter.

Web3 aims to completely decentralize the web and eliminate the need for corporations as intermediaries. Just as Bitcoin seeks to take complete control away from financial institutions and governments, Web3 wants to do the same for the Internet. And it must be said that startups associated with developing next-generation Internet projects are doing quite well: according to statistics, 46% of financial applications are already taking advantage of Web3 technology.

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Moving from a centralized infrastructure to a decentralized one is becoming a new path for many users. Increasingly, people are choosing Web3 alternatives over conventional applications. This is primarily because decentralized applications (DApps) built on blockchain technology are designed to provide a more secure and user-centric environment. In addition, these platforms address the privacy and control issues inherent in centralized services.

We can predict that in the near future we will see even more growth in the development of decentralized applications that act as an alternative to Web2 applications, but with a blockchain backend. And in our article you will learn about already existing popular Web3-projects, which can replace well-known Web2-apps.

Metamask is a non-custodial (OTC) crypto wallet that allows you to receive, store and send cryptocurrency assets. Metamask wallet exists as an extension for Google Chrome family of browsers and a smartphone application.

The MetaMask app has a number of clear pluses: a reputable developer, a large number of cryptocurrencies, customer support, additional features, and a concise design.

This is a website that allows you to upload and share videos, allowing users to publish their work without having to pay for hosting. It is also decentralized and censorship-resistant, which means there are no servers to shut down or block.

In addition, on the Odysee platform, users have the opportunity to earn money from their videos or reward others for interesting content.

Audius is a decentralized blockchain-based music streaming platform. It aims to give artists and creators more control over their music. By uploading content to Audius, they can create and subsequently use immutable recordings, which will be protected by a decentralized network of nodes. Audius gets rid of intermediaries in the traditional music industry by connecting artists directly to their fans.

Presearch is an open decentralized search engine that rewards users with PRE tokens for using, contributing and promoting the platform. The essence of this search engine is that your search query is not processed on a single server, but is distributed among many nodes working in the ERC-20 network. This should provide truly anonymous search queries without leaks of personal data. It should also be noted that this search engine is not guided by any company policy, that is, it gives out search queries as they are. This makes it possible to find those sites or information that Google or another search engine wants to hide from users for one reason or another.

Filecoin is a blockchain platform focused on decentralized data storage with built-in economic incentives for users. It is one of the main infrastructure projects of the Web3 direction.

The Filecoin platform is a decentralized version of the popular cloud storage. It is based on the IPFS protocol, but supplements it with economic incentives. Anyone can become a Filecoin user by paying to store their files on the network, or, alternatively, add their own storage hardware to the network and be rewarded with native FIL cryptocurrency.

IPFS stands for InterPlanetary File System, an open source, peer-to-peer, distributed hypermedia protocol that is intended to function as a ubiquitous file system for all computing devices.

IPFS is essentially a blockchain network used to store all types of files in a decentralized, peer-to-peer (P2P) way without trust. The main purpose of IPFS is to link all individual nodes (nodes) that connect to the system and replace the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) in a single cataloged space.

The protocol is already finding practical application. Sellers in e-commerce are using it to build digital storefronts, and medical institutions are using it to exchange data on diseases.

Steemit is a new social network based on the Steem blockchain. It provides users with automated content based on their preferences. Users are able to earn cryptocurrency as rewards for creating and curating content. Rewards are also generated by other users when they like and comment (upvote) on a post.

Braintrust is a decentralized labor exchange that wants to connect big companies with freelancers. The project helps talented people without intermediaries to get in touch with famous companies, which are partners of Braintrust. That way, the person doesn’t have to share their income with anyone, and all transactions will be done with their token.

The platform itself is currently developing nicely and more than 1,200 job offers are already being added there every day.

Lenster is a decentralized social networking application based on the Lens Protocol software stack. Simply put, it is the new Web3 Twitter.

The idea behind Lens Protocol is to create a platform that helps decentralize the ownership of content and user accounts using a blockchain network.

Instead of traditional social media accounts that rely on email IDs and a unique username, Lens Protocol uses crypto-addresses and NFT for authentication and monetization purposes. This setup allows users, rather than a centralized company, to control the content and personal data associated with the accounts.

Ethereum Name Service is a distributed domain name system running on the Ethereum blockchain. The project was launched in 2017. Ethereum Name Service converts complex identifiers, such as cryptocurrency wallet addresses and long hex strings of numbers and hashes, into simplified and readable names. ENS makes it easy to exchange and remember Ethereum addresses.

Indorse is a decentralized social network. The developers plan to develop their project into a new version of LinkedIn, where users will share their professional skills in exchange for points.

The new social network will be based on Ethereum blockchain platform.

Indorse users will receive bonuses — Indorse Rewards, as well as a rating — Indorse Score. The rating can be increased with the support of other users. The more often a person will use the site and make publications on it, the more points he will accumulate. All transactions with data and bonuses will be registered in a distributed Ethereum registry.

Arweave is a new data storage protocol in a blockchain-like structure called Blockweave. It is built on a new consistent proof-of-access mechanism that, for the first time, makes truly low-cost data storage available.

Arweave has its own native AR token, which is distributed as a reward to miners. They, in turn, store the data and keep the system secure.

Social3 is a Web3-based social recruiting platform that offers users a unique «recommend and earn» monetization model. Thanks to this platform talented specialists can easily find an employer. The developers are positioning their project as «a decentralized LinkedIn connecting web3 professionals».

Brave is a free, open-source browser with built-in privacy settings that hide ads on sites by default.

Brave has a unique ad model: users can opt to see ads in the Brave Ads network and earn rewards in the cryptocurrency Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Brave is similar in appearance and functionality to Google Chrome, the only difference being that it doesn’t show ads on websites and doesn’t collect personal information by default. Brave also blocks location tracking, malware, does not play video by default, rejects third-party cookies, and does not create a digital fingerprint of the user.

Minds is a decentralized, open-source social network where users earn crypto-tokens for their contributions to the network. The tokens can be exchanged for additional content views or sent to other channels as tips or paid subscriptions. Minds is based on the principles of privacy, transparency and freedom of expression.

Fantom is a high-performance and scalable decentralized smart contracts platform based on DAG (directed acyclic graph). It is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine and supports smart contracts and decentralized Solidity applications.

Thanks to easy migration, fast and cheap transactions, Fantom network has formed a vast ecosystem of dozens of blockchain projects, including decentralized exchanges, DeFi-lending protocols and NFT-marketplaces.

Tactic offers cryptocurrency financial management software for entrepreneurs.

According to the developers, Tactic will solve the problem of keeping track of businesses’ cryptocurrency holdings and online activity by aggregating data from disparate sources to give businesses a «complete view of their balance sheet and activity». The project software helps companies automatically classify transactions and apply accounting logic, such as calculating profit/loss dollars and taxable events.

Snapchat is a social network in which people can share photos and short videos that disappear after 24 hours. In addition, as opposed to the monotonous Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat has a whole set of fun features and filters. The main difference from other social networks is that you won’t see neatly put together posts here. The whole point of Snapchat is spontaneity; things show up «right now».

Sigle is a decentralized platform that allows writers and bloggers to publish their work and monetize it just by using Stacks blockchain. Readers can lock in a certain amount of their STX tokens, supporting a particular author, while the author of the content receives a reward in Bitcoins, which were mined during the Stacks network’s coin stacking.

GM.xyz is an alternative replacement for Discord application, where users can create Reddit-style chat rooms and forums to create a scalable community of crypto enthusiasts. The service also supports a user reputation system and fundraising tools. The main goal of the project is to create a safe environment for people, where there is no spamming and intrusive advertising.

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