A group of compassionate VR developers came together for an incredible cause.

We’ve come across a considerable number of life-changing VR projects over the years, from humanoid time capsules to VR-controlled robots designed for disabled workers. There’s also the story of the grieving mother reuniting with her child via a digital simulation and a prison program that connects incarcerated parents with their children in VR.

This week we learned of yet another heart-warming story wherein immersive technology was used to change a life. As reported by Shacknews, a handful of talented VR developers recently joined forces to answer the wish of a terminally-ill girl with a passion for mythical sea creatures.

Organized by VR Therapies, a group dedicated to exploring the use of VR technology for psychological and physical therapy, the project brought together 10 compassionate developers to make four-year-old Zainab’s dream of swimming through the ocean as a mermaid a reality for her birthday.

“Today was a magical day,” said VR Therapies on Twitter. “Today a special little girl became a mermaid. With only 2 weeks left on land, she found her forever fins in the sea. She swam with dolphins and played with fish, she explored the oceans with her brother and played music with mermaids.”

As shown in the video provided, Zainab’s Mermaid World features everything from interactive beach balls to underwater treasure. There’s even a school of friendly catfish that deliver friendly messages as she “swims” by. This includes “Underwater birthdays are so cool” and “Sending you waves of happiness, Zainab.”

Credit: iBrews via YouTube

VR Therapies shared a message from Zainab’s family expressing their gratitude for the team’s work, saying, “Rebecca we are indebted for the kindness and compassion you and your team showed us. We have no words to repay this. Zainab had a great time and we will cherish these memories and pictures for the rest of our life.”

For more information on VR Therapies and its various other projects visit vrtherapies.co.uk.

Feature Image Credit: iBrews via YouTube

Source: https://vrscout.com/news/vr-brings-a-terminally-ill-girls-dream-to-life/