The Rightmove House Price Index is a gauge of asking prices for UK homes.

It picked up in September to +0.4% m/m

  • prior -1.9%

for the y/y -0.4%

  • prior -0.1%

Comments from the report for the month in summary:

  • BoE’s 14 consecutive interest rate rises
    contributed to unusually slow activity in August
  • expects a bounce in activity in the autumn as
    market conditions improve
  • the number of home sales was down 7% compared
    with 2019, before the pandemic
  • there were signs activity was starting to
    pick up, as the number of homes on the market rose 12% in the
    first week of September compared with the unusually low weekly
    average in August

GBP/USD update, not a lot changed on the data: