nuclear blaze review 2

Red Art Games releases Nuclear Blaze on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PS4 digitally, and physically on Switch and PS4 today. It’s the latest game from Sébastien Bénard, creator of the critically and publicly acclaimed Dead Cells

You play as an experienced firefighter, dropped into the middle of a blazing forest fire. Your mission? To contain the fire, search for survivors and investigate what started it. All seems relatively straight forward until you discover a secret military facility. The bunker is ablaze and as you venture deeper in, you start to unravel the truth of this mysterious location. 

Using your fire hose, you travel through each room of the facility utilising water from reservoirs and sprinklers to help you put out each fire you come across. Failing to put out all the flames in an area can set you back, and this is where the challenge of Nuclear Blaze lies. You will need to manage your water supply and successfully extinguish the flames otherwise it’s back to the beginning of the stage. 

Nuclear Blaze also features a “Kid Mode”, an easier version suitable for kids 3+, where water is infinite and auto aims, you can’t die, the controls are simplified and there are a ton of trucks and helicopters. At the other end of the difficulty scale is “Hold my Beer” Mode which adds hidden areas in all levels as well as new threats that require a more precise and tactical approach.

Watching the trailer shows you the beautiful, vibrant pixel art and exciting gameplay you can expect from Nuclear Blaze.

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Game features:

  • Unique 2D firefighting game
  • Smooth controls and gameplay mechanics
  • Beautiful pixel art graphics
  • Finely tuned difficulty settings
  • Kid Mode with special levels and controls created for younger players
  • “Hold my Beer” Mode adding hidden areas as well as new threats and tactical elements
  • Hidden cats to save

Nuclear Blaze is available to download on the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store and Xbox Store, where it costs £12.49. 

DLC Description:

A huge fire is raging and you are sent on the spot to stop it. Business as usual for a highly-trained and experienced firefighter such as yourself. Air dropped right in the middle of this blazing inferno, your main mission objectives are to contain the fire, investigate its causes and look for survivors. The unexpected discovery of a secret military facility is quickly going to send a monkey wrench in your plans. Unravel the truth behind the existence of Site 16 and A-█████. Access to that information may require authorization clearance ████ and ██ though… In addition to the game’s main mode, Nuclear Blaze also includes a special Kid Mode created with younger players (aged 3 and up) in mind. This mode has its own specific – and easier – levels, an immortal hero, simplified controls (with auto-aim) and tons of helicopters and trucks! Nuclear Blaze’s console version also includes the “Hold my Beer” Mode which adds hidden areas in all levels as well as new threats that require a more precise and tactical approach. On consoles, gamers will get the complete Nuclear Blaze experience!