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The Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel and Casino’s 66th year of existence could well prove its last. News has just emerged that the casino’s owner, Bally’s Corp, has agreed to demolish it to build a $1.5bn stadium for MLB franchise the Oakland A’s.

Las Vegas Locally took to Twitter after the Tuesday announcement with an artist’s impression of the new stadium on the Las Vegas Strip:

As per the Tropicana plans, the Oakland A’s will eventually join old hometown NFL counterpart the Oakland Raiders, now the Las Vegas Raiders, in relocating to the Southern end of the Strip. The Raiders left Oakland’s crumbling Coliseum back in 2020, while the A’s have played out of the city stadium since 1968.

Reportedly, the A’s have agreed a deal with Bally’s to build a 35,000-seat stadium with a moveable roof on nine acres of the 34-acre site on Tropicana Avenue. According to the Nevada Independent, sources suggest Bally’s will build a new standalone hotel-casino opposite the new A’s stadium.

will cut the total of public financing sought for the stadium build to $395m

The Independent also confirmed the baseball franchise expects the move to Tropicana Avenue will cut the total public financing sought for the stadium to $395m. The move comes just three weeks after the A’s announced a binding agreement with Red Rock Resorts to build its new ballpark on the former Wild West Casino site, for which the baseball team said it would require $500m in public funding.