It’s always fun to get an unexpected glimpse of the future, especially when that peek is so close you can actually feel the excitement of the new emerging dynamic.

Such is the case thanks to a new Oculus Quest 2 commercial designed to promote a new aspect of the VR dance game Beat Saber.

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The video is designed to promote the new Beat Saber music pack for the game from popular singer Billie Eilish.

Image via Oculus

However, what the highly choreographed video also does is deliver a tantalizing look at what group gaming using the Oculus Quest’s passthrough augmented reality feature could look like in the very near future.

Imagine a passthrough-enabled multiplayer game on the Quest which allows you to see and interact with other Quest-wearing players and you begin to get a sense of what such a situation might look like—it would look a lot like this video.

Image via Oculus

Facebook opened developer access to the passthrough feature in recent months, and developers have already begun to craft interesting new AR experiences for the mostly VR headset.

So far, there’s nothing available as elaborate and involved as what we see in the Eilish video via the Quest’s AR feature, but at this point, it’s just a matter of time.

Cover image via Oculus