This AR Barbie Is Literally The Size Of A Skyscraper

Immersive technology brings the iconic doll to life in Dubai.

After a single weekend in theaters, the Barbie movie has already managed to amass a whopping $350 million in international and domestic sales. This immense success is in no small part due to Warner Bros’ absolutely massive $150 million marketing campaign, which involved everything from an official clothing line collaboration with Zara to a real-life Barbie dream house.

Those in Dubai were treated to a different type of marketing, however. As part of the historic event, Warner Bros placed a gargantuan augmented reality (AR) Barbie next to the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai. Every few minutes, the titan-sized Barbie exists her packaging like a God that’s come to reclaim the Earth from mankind before striking her signature pose for the adorning masses.

This isn’t the first AR-based marketing we’ve seen from Warner Bros since the movie’s release. Last week, the company launched an ad campaign with Snapchat featuring a variety of Lenses that allow you to try on outfits from the film.

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Feature Image Credit: Warner Bros


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