According to the manufacturer, only 24 of these extravagant headsets will be made available.

During Apple’s 2023 WWDC, the company finally unveiled Vision Pro, a high-end mixed reality headset that could provide a big consumerism boost for augmented reality (AR) and VR technology.

That said, the device comes with an expensive price tag of $3,500. But why stop at $3,500 when you can get a modified version of Apple Vision Pro covered in 18K gold for $39,900?

The over-the-top headset is made by Caviar, a company known for its extravagant products, such as its expensive diamond-encrusted iPhones. Caviar’s “CVS Edition” Vision Pro features a thousand grams of 18k gold and the same black leather used by Rolls-Royce and the British Royal Court.

The device also features a flip-up shield made out of gold ($36,400 worth of gold to be exact), so you’re able to enjoy all the features Apple Vision Pro has to offer while maintaining some privacy at the same time. Plus, it’s a serious flex to use your finger to quickly flip up a gold shield off of your face.

Credit: Caviar

Don’t expect to simply visit Apple or Caviar’s websites and add one to your shopping cart. The company is only producing 24 CVS Edition Vision Pro headsets, which means after MrBeast and one of the Kardashians each buy one, only 22 gold-plated headsets will be up for grabs.

Like Apple Vision Pro, Caviar’s CVS Edition won’t be available for purchase until 2024, so you have some time to sell off your rare Pokémon cards or find a few extra jobs to help you finance your purchase.

For more information check out Caviar’s official website.

Feature Image Credit: Caviar