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Teachers, we’ve made it! After a long and arduous school year filled with challenges, we have finally reached summer vacation. First, take a moment to give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. The world of education has only gotten more complicated over these last few years. Many students are still working through the effects of the pandemic, while countless schools have found themselves embroiled in political bickering. That you continued to show up for your students and deliver the best education possible demonstrates just what a champion you are.

Now that we have a little time and space to relax, it’s important to take time and reflect on the school year as a whole. What worked, what didn’t, what could be improved, and what ideas have the potential to bring positive change in the next season?

Van Andel Institute for Education recently asked this very question, and since we always like to go a step further, we’ve compiled the top 6 trends in education for 2023. Here are the latest ideas that teachers should keep an eye on in the next school year:

1. Social-emotional learning: Social-emotional learning (SEL) is not exactly a trend, but it is “trending”.Following the events of 2020, more and more schools are including SEL in their curriculum. SEL is all about teaching students to manage their emotions, practice healthy communication, and collaborate successfully with others. Teachers looking to increase their SEL content can take advantage of free strategies from Blue Apple while also exploring the topic in more detail with these charts.

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