NEW YORK — Social-first media company, The News Movement (TNM) today announced a new partnership with EXPLR Media (EXPLR), an organization which produces and shares educational videos and curriculum for students in the US. The two companies will collaborate on developing educational news content aimed at grade 7-12 children. The partnership will also provide EXPLR and TNM with access to each company’s library of content to share across their audiences. 

With over 1.7 billion views and 1.1 million followers across its network of owned brands, TNM meets Gen Z where they are, providing them with engaging journalism to help them understand and navigate the world around them. As part of the collaboration, TNM will adapt its storytelling techniques to suit a slightly younger audience. TNM will provide EXPLR with both existing and new content to be streamed via EXPLR’s curriculum-aligned service. 

TNM Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Kamal Ahmed said: “We know the power digital storytelling has to inspire and engage audiences, and with that power comes the need to ensure younger generations are equipped with the skills and education to identify and seek out fact-based quality journalism and useful content. That’s why the partnership with EXPLR is a significant one for us here at TNM. Through our audience engagement and listening, we have a robust understanding of Gen Z’s media consumption and preferences and we look forward to broadening our focus to Gen Alpha with the help of the team at EXPLR.”

Through the collaboration EXPLR will also make available its bank of high-quality engaging videos for TNM’s use. EXPLR addresses the serious need for relevant, educational learning experiences. It has developed a unique story-based learning approach through its engaging videos that aim to feed curiosity, engage young people and empower change-makers with real world lessons and videos. 

EXPLR Co-Founder and CEO, Jenny Buccos said: “We understand the importance of young people being able to distinguish credible sources from unreliable ones. Our partnership with The News Movement allows us to offer students access to reliable, relevant 

and high-quality news content, helping them to cultivate critical thinking skills and become informed global citizens. At EXPLR, we believe that every student has the ability to make a positive impact on their community and the world. By providing them with accurate information and a solid foundation in media literacy, we can empower them to realize their potential and create a better future.”

Kamal Ahmed and Jenny Buccos will be appearing together at SXSW EDU 2023, live from Austin, Texas, to speak about the growing power of new forms of digital storytelling. They will also take part in the SXSW EDU programme of shows anchored by Kari Byron, the television host and programme maker. Both events will focus on the expertise and insights necessary to take full advantage of this vital and rapidly growing content category.

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About The News Movement: 

Founded in 2020, The News Movement is focused on providing fact-based, high-quality engaging news and linked content on the platforms that young audiences use in their millions. It was co-founded by experienced media executives William Lewis (former CEO of Dow Jones, Publisher, The Wall Street Journal), Kamal Ahmed (former Editorial Director of BBC News), Ramin Beheshti (former Group Chief Product and Technology Officer at Dow Jones), Eleanor Breen (former Chief of Staff at Dow Jones), and Dion Bailey (former VP, Head of Technology and Architecture at The Wall Street Journal). The News Movement  offices in London and New York. It recently acquired political outlet, The Recount.  


Founded in 2020, EXPLR Media is a streaming video and curriculum service for grade 5-12 students, teachers, and families that helps bridge critical gaps in K-12 education. It was co-founded by leading education and entertainment figures Jenny Buccos (founder of Project Explorer), Kari Byron (former Discovery Channel Mythbuster and STEM Advocate), Andrew Zimmern (TV personality, director, producer, and U.N. World Food Programme Goodwill Ambassador). Since launching in 2021, EXPLR has been used in over 500 schools across 13 US states.

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