miracle snack shop
The Visual Novel of Miracle Snack Shop opens

A visual novel that builds in casual snack shop management? It could be said it’s a miracle – which is very much how Miracle Snack Shop on Xbox got its name. 

Available on Xbox Series X|S right now thanks to the Talesshop and CFK teams is Miracle Snack Shop. It mixes multiple genres together as one, telling a visual novel, working in management sim elements and more. 

Opening the shop doors

Miracle Snack Shop focuses on the life of Seolhwa Cha, as he attempts to turn his life around after some unfortunate events. It’s here where he finds the keys to a little snack shop, but there’s a problem. See, business is dead and customers have left. 

That matters little though as Miracle Snack Shop then takes a turn, all as a portal opens up in the attic. That portal ushers in a queen from another world – Queen Salt. 

From there the love story of Miracle Snack Shop plays out, as you get to enjoy the lives of these two. With charisma at the fore and beautiful artwork powering things along, you’ll want to take in the visual novel side of what this game offers. 

But then you’ll also need to work in some finer management, sharpening up your cooking skills, collecting recipes and more. Ensuring that your little shop starts to thrive is the main aim, but only the actions you take will be able to dictate that success. 

Fluent in multiple languages and features?

Miracle Snack Shop should play out beautifully, but if you wish to get even more immersed in the tale at hand, multiple language options are present. Both Korean and Japanese voice acting adds to the charm with Philia voiced by Marie Miyake / Hyewon Jeong and Mira voiced by Mai Ishihara / Mi Jang.

  • Two charming heroines! Enjoy this sweet love story with two lovely and charismatic heroines! The beautiful artwork and fully-voiced lines give you a taste of every bit of their charms. Korean and Japanese voice acting options allow you to select your gameplay experience. Philia – voiced by Marie Miyake / Hyewon Jeong Mira – voiced by Mai Ishihara / Mi Jang
  • A casual snack shop management sim! Sharpen your cooking skills and collect recipes with a few simple button presses. Choose your own marketing strategy to create the most booming business in the neighborhood!
  • Choose your own ending How the story ends depends on your choices and actions. It’s up to you to manage your relationship with the heroines!
  • Philia’s After Story included! Check out what happens to Seolhwa and Philia after the main story comes to a close!

Xbox Series X|S focused

Miracle Snack Shop is an Xbox Series X|S optimised game, and in fact the Xbox Store page will only allow you to play on those consoles. That means if you are an Xbox One player, you’re looking like being out of luck, unable to take in the visual novel it introduces. 

Alternatively, PC play is possible. 

However you play, Miracle Snack Shop costs £15.49 from the Xbox Store

Game Description:

After facing some big upsets in his life, Seolhwa Cha ends up owning a small snack shop. There is just one problem: business is dead.

Seolhwa doesn’t have time to sing the blues though because something has appeared in his attic… a portal? Out from that portal walks… a queen from another world?!

As Seolhwa serves his first bowl of shaved ice to Philia, also known as Queen Salt… he takes his first step toward growing closer to her……

What are you waiting for, Ice Sculptor? The queen wishes for shaved ice.

A frozen treat of a story that will make your heart pound, and it all begins in your snack shop!

Source: https://www.thexboxhub.com/the-miracle-snack-shop-offers-up-a-sweet-love-story/