Agareum, a crypto-based game that operates off the newly developed Gamedrop™ technology has taken the crypto community by storm over the past six months. This project is the epitome of innovation meeting passion, where a group of developers and technology strategists from the global consultancy group, Coinfabric recognised an opportunity within the unserviced crypto niche of airdrop bounties. What was originally developed for the bounty community has now grown to so much more than just servicing one segment. 


Agareum is a free-to-play casual game that mimics the well-known game whereby players are represented as cells in a petri dish. The difference is that Agareum currently offers all the skins and assets free of charge and players can earn tokens for competing in regular  Gamedrops™ that run on the platform. 


A Gamedrop™ is a gamified version of an airdrop, which allows Tokenized and Crypto focused projects to drop their token, or coin, directly into the platform allowing it to be distributed and collected by players who are battling head-to-head to fill their bags! This creates a competitive and fun edge, where community members can engage with the project and each other.


According to Agareum’s team the game uses Blockchain technology in a relatively simple fashion. In its current form, the technology uses Ethereum smart contracts to manage and distribute the flow of tokens between project’s running Gamedrops on the platform and the gamers who are battling it out to fill their bags. This technology will evolve in the coming months and enable further functions within Agareum, as well as other games by third party game developers.


The traditional token airdrop method has quickly become archaic, leaving a gap that needs to be bridged between projects and the ever-increasing bounty community. Projects often lack the opportunity to truly educate the communities on their token ecosystem, and the value within. 

Agareum is currently hosting Gamedrops™ that are set by an allocated amount of tokens for players to battle for and “fill their bags”. It’s a perpetual play-to-win system that incentivises casual gamers and the bounty community members to earn their share of the tokens that the project wishes to distribute. Due to the range in players from around the globe, it increases distribution in a fair manner and creates a fun, competitive environment to earn AGR or other tokens, charging players zero fees or subscription to participate.


Free-to-play gaming models have seen significant traction in recent years and with Agareum’s recent mobile version release, they will increase adoption through additional access to play at almost any point in your day. The need to provide more engaging models for bounty hunters has resulted in the birth of a crypto game suited for people of all ages and preferences. An easy, rewarding, fun, competitive and free crypto game moving the industry one step closer to a world of blockchain gaming. 

To date, Agareum has garnered a community of over 9000 players with a whopping 291,000 games played to date if you include their stringent testing phase. They continue to see daily growth as the new release of the mobile version has offered increased access to play at any time throughout the day. 

Although Agareum is an easy to play game, it requires some practice and skills for the “survival of the fittest” environment they have created. It is the perfect balance of fun, skill and competitiveness to ensure a community remains engaged at all times. 


Agareum is currently lining up what they refer to as “third party Gamedrops™” over the course of 2020 to allow their community members to fill their bags with multiple tokens, over multiple games around the clock. The strategic move has already encouraged an influx of players to register and improve their skills. The disruptive Gamedrop™ movement is new, but is sure to gain a significant piece of the airdrop market share when projects and businesses weigh up the value and brand equity advantages. 

There’s tons going on in world of Agareum and they show no signs of slowing down development any time soon, with new features in the pipeline for 2020 and beyond. If you’re interested to find out more click here