The IEM Rio Major is right around the corner, promising to be the biggest stage and event ever assembled for competitive CS GO. With such high stakes, including a huge prize pool, the heavy favorites will need their superstars to show up at their peak level in order to win the coveted Major trophy.

There are household names still in contention for the highest honor in CS GO’s esports scene, however juggernauts such as G2 and Astralis were eliminated through the qualifiers and will not be attending the Major. Thus we will see exciting new younger talent come through the doors, with of course, a hunger to win and be at the center of the spotlight like never before.

As always we are here to provide some crucial information and highlight the event’s biggest stars. Today we are going to take a look at a home favorite in Furia who is in search of a Major trophy in their own backyard, and currently the best team in the world FaZe Clean who will attempt to continue their dominant 2022 run.

Furia’s lucky charm KSCERATO

Of course we needed to put the spotlight at one of the host teams for the tournament in Brazil. When it comes to the Brazilian CS GO talent pool, there’s hardly a better mechanical player at this moment in time than Kaike “KSCERATO” Cerato. For Brazilian representative FURIA, he has been an absolute rock of consistency and the main catalyst of why they managed to qualify into the event. In the last 6 months of professional CS GO play, he took a 1.18 Kill to Death ratio, the highest from the entire squad, according to HLTV.

With the home crowd absolutely on his side screaming his name, he might get the hype and energy needed to help Furia get into a well deserved top leaderboard placement, something Brazilian fans will definitely take a shine to after the latest underwhelming results from the region as a whole.

FaZe Clan’s X Factor Broky

FaZe Clan’s lineup has a plethora of superstars that each have the mechanical prowess to solo carry any match, on top of that they can also work as a unit and sacrifice the spotlight for the benefit of the team. In recent tournaments however, one player has definitely piqued the community’s interest as maybe the best player in the team, Helvijs “broky” Saukants.

The Latvian AWP main was FaZe’s best player in the Europe RMR A qualifier, where the lineup finished 3-0 and achieved the Legends Status at the Rio Major. In every match, broky managed to show up, winning several rounds with his AWP mechanical prowess. 

With the team looking a bit shaky in the last couple of games, broky has woke up and picked up the slack from his teammates especially in the last game versus Sprout. 

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