Tanks, But No Tanks is now available on Xbox

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tanks but no tanks

You can probably hazard a guess at what type of game Tanks, But No Tanks on Xbox is. Yep, it’s that good old arena-based tank shooter. Fancy giving it a play?

Available right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S is Tanks, But No Tanks. A creation of Set Sail Games, Tanks, But No Tanks is the latest take on the tank-fuelled arena shooter, as you and some mates go at it in local multiplayer action. 

A new tank based arena shooter

Priced at £6.69, Tanks, But No Tanks sits right in that ‘indie game worth taking a punt’ category. And with some neat little visuals and standard arena-based shooting action on offer, it could well be worth a blast. 

Standard play will consist of you moving your little tank around a series of arenas, shooting out at anything that moves (and some stuff that doesn’t). With a keen eye kept on your weaponry, your armour and your special abilities, gathering up coins as you play will let you upgrade your tank for further play. Rinse, repeat, die until bored. 

If it’s a game of tank mayhem you are after, you could do worse than check out Tanks, But No Tanks from the Xbox Store. Whether it has anything more than what we’ve seen in games of this type in recent times – the quirky Sugar Tanks and Arenas of Tanks – we aren’t sure. But hey, take a punt and find out. 

You’ll find Tanks, But No Tanks on the Xbox Store. It’s playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

Tanks, But No Tanks on Xbox Game Description

Tanks, But No Tanks is an updated take on a classic top-down arena tank shooter. This multiplayer madhouse will keep you on your toes as you balance collecting coins on each map with shooting projectiles at your foes. Upgrade your tank’s weapons, armor, and special abilities in between rounds with the coins you accrue. Use a diverse weapon set, ranging from deployable turrets to teleportation projectiles to cause extra mayhem on the battlefield!

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