Snapchat Is Offering A New Way For AR Creators To Earn Money

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The popular social media app doubles down on augmented reality.

Snap Inc. today announced the launch of Lens Creator Rewards, a new program that will reward the creators of top-performing Snapchat Lenses. Every month, Snap will be giving up to $7,200 to the creator of the most popular Lens in the United States, India, and Mexico.

The program is open to both new and existing Lens Studio members across roughly 40 countries. According to Snap, eligible Lenses include everything from virtual try-on experiences to full-blown augmented reality (AR) scenes.

Credit: Snap Inc.

“Snapchatters love Lenses built by our global AR community of more than 300,000 AR creators, developers, and teams around the world,” said Joseph Darko, global head of AR Developer Relations at Snap Inc, in an official release. “At Snap, we’re committed to rewarding the value that AR creators bring to the platform as they advance their skills and grow their businesses through the new Lens Creator Rewards Program.”

Credit: Snap Inc.

Snap states that its community of over 300,000 AR creators has developed more than 3 million Lenses with views numbering in the trillions. No doubt this new program will only further encourage the development of AR Lenses for the popular social media app.

For more information on the Lens Creator Rewards program visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Snap Inc.


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