Singapore-based technology company Dyna.Ai announced its global launch at the Dubai Fintech Summit, unveiling new AI solutions tailored for the banking and financial services sector.

The company, which specialises in artificial intelligence technology, revealed plans for international expansion, including operations across Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, Europe, and Africa.

Dyna.Ai’s newly launched AI platform features two key solutions: Dyna Athena for text-to-speech and language processing, and Dyna Avatar for digital human interactions.

These solutions, designed for banks, fintech companies, and other businesses, enhance natural language interactions, making conversations more realistic and engaging.

Dyna Avatar, which supports several languages including English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai, offers real-time digital human interactions with automatic speech recognition.

The company’s platform also includes a Business Core System and Smart Decision Platform for centralised data storage and integrated APIs, along with a Digital Banking System supporting omnichannel mobility and full digitalization.

Dyna.Ai, which is already establishing offices in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Nigeria, has a large portion of its workforce focused on R&D.

The company said that it will continue to recruit globally to support its growth initiatives.

Tomas Skoumal

Tomas Skoumal

Tomas Skoumal, Chairman of Dyna.Ai said,

“We are thrilled to kickstart our global expansion from the Dubai Fintech Summit. Dyna.Ai not only provides professional AI solutions in the financial field, but also offers a unique and innovative RaaS (Result as a Service) business model.


Dyna Ai supports pay for performance and provides services that can generate business results for banks, insurance, wealth and fintechs.”

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