Silverlake Axis, a fintech and digital banking solutions provider, has teamed up with KMS Solutions to enter the Vietnamese market, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) joining as its cloud partner.

KMS Solutions will distribute Silverlake Axis’s flagship banking solutions, Mobius and Symmetri, as its go-to-market partner.

Earlier this year, Silverlake Axis expanded its Southeast Asia footprint by partnering with Safeguards Corporation in Malaysia to launch the first Independent ATM Deployer (IAD) in the country.

Cassandra Goh

Cassandra Goh

“The rapid growth of Vietnam’s fintech sector, fueled by the expanding middle class, tech-savvy population, and thriving e-commerce landscape presents a favourable environment for our digital solutions to seamlessly integrate into this market and expedite the sector’s growth.

In pursuit of our goal to support BFSIs (banking, financial services, and insurance) and increase financial literacy across the region, we have full confidence in KMS as the ally to realise this vision.”

said Cassandra Goh, Deputy CEO and Executive Director of Silverlake Axis.

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