Today, Sendcloud announced the acquisition of data platform Tracey. The acquisition allows Sendcloud to offer new data tools, such as AI-driven delivery predictions and near-real-time package monitoring. In this way, the shipping platform aims to offer the best customer experience.

According to Sendcloud’s own research, 9 percent of consumers do not receive their package on the scheduled date. And 20 percent have to change the delivery time or location after the first shipping status notification.

Moreover, retailers often receive questions about the delivery status of their package: 36 percent of customer service contact moments consist of questions like “where is my package?”. And more than 60 percent of consumers abandon a purchase after one bad customer service experience.

More than 60% of consumers abandon a purchase after a poor customer service experience.

Tracey’s AI-powered predictions are more comprehensive than other parcel tracking standards, allowing retailers to proactively inform consumers about delivery status. Thus, delays and delivery problems can be turned into a positive customer experience.

Expansion of Sendcloud’s portfolio

Thanks to the acquisition, Sendcloud expands its shipping software portolio with data tools such as near-real-time package monitoring, insights into carrier performance and delivery forecasts. “We believe that optimal delivery experiences are the key to success for ecommerce companies,” said Rob van den Heuvel, CEO and co-founder of Sendcloud.

‘We welcome Tracey so we can provide online retailers with the best solution for package monitoring.’

“However, it becomes increasingly complex once you ship with multiple carriers, offer flexible delivery options or want to expand your business internationally. That’s why we welcome Tracey with open arms to provide online retailers with the best parcel monitoring and benchmarking solution on the market.”

Data remains untapped

“Most parcel shippers are completely focused on processing their orders, leaving valuable shipping data untapped. Our shipping intelligence helps to apply that data for actionable insights to provide the best delivery experiences,” says Huib Adriaans, founder of Tracey.

‘Our shipping intelligence helps to apply data for actionable insights.’

“Thanks to the huge shipping volumes Sendcloud handles, we can accelerate the product roadmap, provide more accurate benchmarking and improve our predictive delivery models. We are extremely excited to be part of the Sendcloud team.”


The integration of the two companies will now begin. According to the companies, the acquisition will not disrupt any ongoing projects or commitments. Customers can use Tracey as a stand-alone product or in combination with Sendcloud’s offerings.