This is like ASMR for Hackers: restoration specialist [Polymatt] has put together a video of his work restoring a 1995 IBM Thinkpad 701c, the famous butterfly keyboard laptop. It’s an incredible bit of restoration, with a complete teardown and rebuild, even including remaking the decals and rubber feet.

[Polymatt] runs Project Butterfly, an excellent site for those who love these iconic laptops, offering advice and spare parts for restoring them. In this video, he does a complete teardown, taking the restored laptop completely apart, cleaning it out, and replacing parts that are beyond salvaging, like the battery, and replacing them. Finally, he puts the whole thing back together again and watches it boot up. It’s a great video thta we’ve put below the break and is well worth watching if you wonder about how much work this sort of thing involves: the entire process took him over two years.

We’ve covered some of his work in the past, including the surprisingly complicated business of analyzing and replacing the Ni-Cad battery that the original laptop used.

[Via BoingBoing]