railway islands puzzle

Not every game needs to have waves of tentacled beasts while you desperately reload. Sometimes, you just want to make a cup of tea, cozy into an armchair and play something relaxing. If that’s the case, and you have a spare £3.29 in your wallet, then we would suggest you try Railway Islands – Puzzle. 

We’re clearly of a certain age, because whenever we see the title we read it as Rainbow Islands, the classic Taito platformer (we’ve had to edit the title twice now, as we keep inserting it where it shouldn’t be). But it’s at least as colourful and charming as that oldie.

Rather than a platformer, Railway Islands – Puzzle is a simple game that plays much like the Pipe Mania-style games of old. You need to swivel track pieces so that your train can reach the tunnel and complete the level. Those pieces have track switches and more, making it more complicated (but not overly so) than simply finding a direct path. 

There are fifty islands to swivel through, and four biomes so that you at least have different backgrounds – and colours – to look at. There’s nothing much beyond that, but QUByte Interactive have developed a strong, Ratalaika Games-like talent for finding smaller games and letting them own the small space they are making for themselves. 

This is all very reasonably priced at  £3.29, which is less than a train ticket to the next station on our local line. Take that Network Rail!

The key features of Railway Islands on Xbox, Playstation, Switch and PC include:

  • 50 islands.
  • 4 variation of environment.
  • Satisfying and relaxing sound effects.
  • Unique puzzles.
  • A minimalist and relaxing experience.

Undoubtedly, we will have a small review of Rainbow Islands – damn it, Railway Islands – on the site soon. For now, head to the Xbox Store and pick up an Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S version of the game. It’s also on Playstation, Switch and, for a while already, on PC through Steam

Game Description:

A minimalist and relaxing experience with a unique look. You are the manager of a railway line responsible for delivering resources to Islanders, residents of a group of distant islands. Create a safe path and deliver all the resources to the small towns on the islands.

Source: https://www.thexboxhub.com/relax-and-spin-some-tracks-with-railway-islands-puzzle/