31 October 2023

Power Integrations Inc of San Jose, CA, USA, which provides high-voltage integrated circuits for energy-efficient power conversion, has released what it claims is the world’s highest-voltage, single-switch gallium nitride (GaN) power supply IC, featuring a 1250V PowiGaN switch.

InnoSwitch3-EP 1250V ICs are the newest members of Power Integrations’ InnoSwitch family of off-line CV/CC QR flyback switcher ICs, which feature synchronous rectification, FluxLink safety-isolated feedback and an array of switch options: 725V silicon, 1700V silicon carbide, and PowiGaN in 750V, 900V and now 1250V varieties.

The switching losses for Power Integrations’ proprietary 1250V PowiGaN technology are less than a third of that seen in equivalent silicon devices at the same voltage. This results in power conversion efficiency as high as 93% – enabling highly compact flyback power supplies that can deliver up to 85W without a heatsink.

“Power Integrations continues to advance the state of the art in high-voltage GaN technology development and commercial deployment, rendering even the best high-voltage silicon MOSFETs obsolete along the way,” says Radu Barsan, VP of technology. “We were first to market with high-volume shipments of GaN-based power supply ICs in 2019, and earlier this year introduced a 900V version of our GaN-based InnoSwitch products,” he adds. “Our ongoing development of higher-voltage GaN technology, illustrated here by our new 1250V devices, extend the efficiency benefits of GaN to an even wider range of applications, including many currently served by silicon carbide technology.”

Designers using the new InnoSwitch3-EP 1250V ICs can specify an operating peak voltage of 1000V, which allows for industry-standard 80% de-rating from the 1250V absolute maximum. This provides significant headroom for industrial applications and is particularly valuable in challenging power grid environments where robustness is an essential defense against grid instability, surge and other power perturbations.

Samples are available now; the volume-shipment lead time for 1250V InnoSwitch3-EP ICs is 16 weeks. Pricing for InnoSwitch3-EP 1250V devices in the INSOP-24D package starts at $3 for 10,000-unit quantities. A reference design DER-1025 describing a 12V, 6A flyback converter is available for free download.

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