Barbie fever has officially made its way to the uber-popular social VR game.

The Barbie movie is in theaters now and Warner Bros has gone out of its way to ensure that every human being on Earth is aware of this fact via a massive $150 million marketing campaign that includes a real Barbie dream house in Malibu and a skyscraper-sized Barbie doll in Dubai powered by augmented reality (AR) technology.

It doesn’t stop there, however. Earlier today we learned that the popular VR social platform Rec Room partnered with Mattel to release Barbie and Ken-themed outfits for players’ in-game avatars. This includes the now iconic cowboy hat, vest, and belt, as seen in the official motion picture.

Credit: Rec Room

Anyone familiar with Rec Room will tell you just how seriously players take their virtual attire. Adding Barbie-themed clothing to the game is a smart marketing move by the developer as well as Mattel.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Mattel and bring the iconic Barbie brand to Rec Room,” said Mannat Sra, head of partnerships at Rec Room, in an official release. “The Barbie activation will provide our community with a fun experience, allowing them to embrace their creativity and bring the hot-pink-infused energy of Barbie to our community.”

“We are delighted to again collaborate with Rec Room, a platform that shares our passion for fostering creativity and social interaction,” added Mike DeLaet, global head of digital gaming at Mattel. “Together, we can provide players with a unique opportunity to engage with the Barbie brand and spark their imaginations.”

Rec Room’s Barbie-themed outfits are available for purchase now in-game. For more information visit

Rec Room’s partnership with Mattel is just the latest in a series of high-profile collaborations with major organizations. So far the company has partnered with sports organizations including the NFL and NBA, the popular influencer MrBeast, and the old-school TV show The Masters of the Universe, just to name a few.

Feature Image Credit: Rec Room