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Wondering what your favorite Overwatch character’s height is? Throughout popular culture, it has been repeatedly proven that size is no barrier to a character’s relative success and combat ability. Few will forget the diminutive Yoda battling Count Dooku and Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars series of films, and there are an ever-increasing number of heroes that come in various shapes and sizes.

This diversity is also now being reflected in several popular esports titles, perhaps none more so than the exciting first-person battler Overwatch. Since its release in 2016, the game has proven to be a huge success for developers of Blizzard, culminating in the massive success of its franchise-based pro-competition Overwatch League.

Overwatch 2 Characters’ Heights: Tallest to Shortest

Part of the excitement for players is that for each game, they can select from several characters within the Overwatch universe, each of whom has their own special skills and powers. These characters come in various heights and ages, and our list below shows you just how tall each Overwatch character is:

  • 2.23m/7ft 4” – Reinhardt, Orisa (Estimated)
  • 2.20m/7ft 3” – Bastion and Roadhog (also Winston when standing upright)
  • 2.18m/7ft 1” – Doomfist
  • 2.13m/7ft – Junker Queen
  • 1.96m/6ft 6” – Junkrat
  • 1.95m/6ft 5” – Zarya, Moira (Estimated)
  • 1.91m/6ft 3” – Brigitte (Estimated)
  • 1.89m/6ft 2.5” – Baptiste (Estimated)
  • 1.85m/6ft 1” – Reaper, Soldier: 76, Cassidy
  • 1.82m/6ft – Ana, Echo (Estimated)
  • 1.80m/5ft 11” – Pharah, Sojourn (Estimated)
  • 1.75m/5ft 9” – Widowmaker
  • 1.73m/5ft 8” – Hanzo
  • 1.72m/5ft 7.5” – Zenyatta
  • 1.70m/5ft 7” – Mercy, Symmetra (also Winston when standing normally), Genji, Kiriko (Estimated)
  • 1.67m/5ft 6″ – Ashe
  • 1.66m/5ft 5” – D’Va (mechless)
  • 1.62/5ft 4” – Tracer, Sombra
  • 1.60m/5ft 3” – Lucio, Mei
  • 1.40m/4ft 7” – Torbjörn
  • 40cm/1ft 4” – Hammond (without wrecking ball)

There are several heroes for which official height data could not be found but which have been estimated based on how their character compares in their in-game ‘heroic pose’ to other characters whose height is known. These heroes are identified with the use of italics above.

There are two characters whose heights we have not been able to confirm. These are:

  1. Wrecking Ball (With Wrecking Ball)
  2. Sigma (Presumed to be the tallest Overwatch Hero at around 8 ft, but as Sigma floats, this is difficult to confirm.)

The data for this has been collected from several different articles, videos, comics, conferences, and events, all created by Blizzard. It should also be noted that certain in-game modifications, such as characters using certain armored items (like helmets), could increase the overall height of the character when dressed in that particular garb.

What is the significance of character height?

The height of the characters in Overwatch can significantly impact their abilities and role in the game. Characters with taller heights, like Reinhardt and Orisa, may have more health points, more attack range, and more visibility on the battlefield, making them ideal for tank roles. They may also have abilities that allow them to protect their allies, such as Reinhardt’s barrier field or Orisa’s protective shield.

On the other hand, shorter characters like Tracer and Lucio may have fewer health points and attack ranges, but they may be more agile and have abilities that allow them to move quickly around the battlefield. They may also have abilities that allow them to evade enemy attacks, such as Tracer’s blink or Lucio’s speed boost.

Overwatch Character Height Vs Skills
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The game designers use the height of the characters to make the game more interesting and fun by creating a diverse cast of characters with unique abilities and strengths. The game is balanced by giving each character a unique role and abilities that complement the other characters in the game. This allows for different playstyles and strategies to be used depending on the team composition.

It’s also worth noting that the height of the characters also affects the POV first person height. The difference in eyeline between Orisa and Torbjörn is very noticeable, so this is definitely something to keep in mind whilst comparing Overwatch 2 character heights. It isn’t the only factor that affects the gameplay however, other factors such as abilities, speed, and hitbox also play a significant role in the gameplay. The designers use all these factors to create a fair and balanced game.

The height of the characters in Overwatch 2 adds a unique dimension to the gameplay and helps to create a diverse cast of characters with unique abilities and strengths. The game designers have used the height of the characters to create a balanced game that allows for different play styles and strategies to be used depending on the team composition.

Overwatch Characters Ages

Age (years) Character
Less than 1 year Orisa (started fighting in the game at 1 month old)
14 Wrecking Ball
19 D’Va
20 Zenyatta
20s Kiriko
23 Brigitte
25 Junkrat
26 Lucio, Tracer
28 Symmetra, Zarya
29 Winston
30 Baston, Sombra
31 Mei (biological age, her chronological age is 40)
32 Pharah
33 Widowmaker
35 Genji
35-40 Junker Queen
36 Baptiste
37 Mercy, Cassidy
38 Hanzo
39 Ashe
40-50 Sojourn
45 Doomfist
48 Roadhog, Moira
55 Soldier: 76
57 Torbjörn
58 Reaper
60 Ana
61 Reinhardt
62 Sigma
Classified Echo

The age of a character can have a significant impact on their abilities and backstory. For example, older characters like Ana and Soldier: 76 may have more experience and wisdom, and their abilities may reflect this. In comparison, younger characters like D.Va and Tracer may be more agile and have abilities that allow them to move quickly around the battlefield.

Additionally, the ages of characters can also be used to create interesting story arcs and relationships between characters. For example, older characters like Ana may have a mentorship relationship with younger characters like Brigitte. In contrast, characters like D.Va and Tracer may have a friendly rivalry due to their similar ages and abilities.

It’s also worth noting that the characters’ ages are not always confirmed by the developers, allowing the players and fans to speculate and create their backstories. This can also create more interest in the characters and the game’s lore.

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