Ochama active in 24 European countries

Ochama, a retail concept from the Chinese ecommerce giant JD.com, has announced the expansion of its home delivery services to an additional 19 European countries, bringing the total to 24 countries on the continent.

Initially launched in the Netherlands in January 2022, Ochama offers a retail model that combines online and offline shopping experiences. The company aims to “ensure a seamless customer experience” by offering the flexibility to either collect online food and non-food orders from pickup points or opt for home delivery.

Robotic shops

At the outset of its launch in the Netherlands, Ochama opened four so-called robotic shops in major cities, but all of them have since closed. Meanwhile, the brand has been building a network of external pickup points. It expanded this model to Belgium and Germany, where next-day pickup options have also become available.

Ochama is building networks of external pickup points

Ochama is actively collaborating with vendors to introduce additional flexible pickup time slots for enhanced convenience, according to the company. In France and Luxembourg, where the brand is also active, Ochama currently only offers home delivery.

European expansion

This also applies to the 19 European countries that have now been added to the portfolio. According to the press release, “For the first time, customers in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden can explore ochama’s expansive product range and enjoy direct doorstep delivery”.

JD.com in Europe

In early 2018, JD.com unveiled ambitious plans to enter the European market, with an intended start in France a year later. The United Kingdom and Germany were expected to follow, making JD.com active in the three largest ecommerce markets on the continent. However, more than five years later, these plans did not progress as initially envisioned.

Automated warehouse

In 2021, JD.com did open its first warehouse on European soil, located in Venray, in the southern part of Netherlands. All European Ochama orders are packed and shipped from this automated warehouse.

All ochama orders are packed in the Netherlands

Additionally, JD.com provides ecommerce fulfillment services for other retailers at this location, including the Dutch lingerie brand Hunkemöller.

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