(4)Paranoid Android Map Information

I will write the information in the next days.

Dear voters, please consider this is NOT a 1v1 competition. And discarding Paranoid just because it’s not playable on 1v1 wouldn’t be a good thing. (4)Paranoid Android is a 2v2 map, please don’t evaluate it according to the 1v1 meta.

(4)Paranoid Android has been selected for the BSL 2v2 map pool, and offers three different entertaining 2v2 situations depending of the position of your ally!

This Competition has a 2v2 map as one of the top 4!!! And that’s amazing! thank you for your votes!

I’m Sorry i don’t have time to upload the map info and the VODs right now, but please, take a look at the pictures above.

Source: https://tl.net/forum/bw-tournaments/610921-new-worlds-map-contest-iii-finals-vote-here