24 October 2023

Navitas Semiconductor of Torrance, CA, USA has announced its continued sponsorship of the 2023 China Power Electronics and Energy Conversion Congress & the 26th China Power Supply Society (CPSS) Conference and Exhibition (CPSSC 2023), where it is highlighting next-generation gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductor platforms, including GaNSafe.

Taking place in the Guangzhou Yuexiu International Congress Center (10–13 November), CPSSC 2023 celebrates its 40th anniversary and promotes academic and technical exchange in power electronics, energy conversion and power technology, to foster technical innovation and related industries.

Navitas has shipped over 100 million GaNFast power ICs as well as over 12 million GeneSiC power MOSFETs and diodes into a $22bn per year total market opportunity.

With GaNSafe, the firm has optimized its 4th-generation GaN technology for demanding, high-power applications in data centers, solar/energy storage and electric vehicles (EV) markets, where efficiency, power density, and robust and reliable operation are critical. Adopting a novel, robust and cool-running surface-mount TOLL package, GaNSafe integrates features and functions, including:

  • protected, regulated, integrated gate-drive control, with zero gate–source loop inductance for reliable high-speed 2MHz switching to maximize power density;
  • high-speed short-circuit protection, with autonomous ‘detect and protect’ within 50ns – 4x faster than competing discrete solutions, it is claimed;
  • electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection of 2kV, versus zero for discrete GaN transistors;
  • 650/800V capability to aid survival during extraordinary application conditions;
  • easy-to-use, complete, high-power, high-reliability, high-performance power IC with only four pins, accelerating customer designs;
  • programmable turn-on and turn-off (dV/dt) to simplify EMI regulatory requirements.

Navitas’ CPSSC 2023 program includes technology, application and market presentations include a plenary keynote speech, full conference paper, four industrial sessions, a guest PSMA presentation, a 3.5-hour technology seminar and full GaNSafe launch. Visitors to the exhibition can see technology demonstrations and complete power system platform designs at the Navitas booth.


11 November
Keynote: ‘High Power, High Voltage, High Speed: GaN and SiC Electrify Our World’ by Charles (Yingjie) Zha, VP & general manager of Navitas China.

12 November
13:30 – ‘Successful High-Frequency Applications with SiC’, by staff application engineer Minli Jia Sr;
16:20 – ‘SiC-based Bidirectional Three-phase CLLLC Resonant Converter with Integrated Magnetics for High-Power On-Board Charger Applications’, by Yunqi Chen, Minli Jia, Hao Sun, Jinlong Chen, Haisong Zhang, Zhen Zhou;
16:50 – ‘Empowering Zero Carbon: Unleashing the Potential of Navitas SiC in Solar and Energy Storage Systems’, by technical marketing manager Justin Zhu Sr and senior applications director Bin Li;
– ‘Electrify Our World: How the Si to GaN/SiC Transition Accelerates Our Journey From Fossil Fuels’, by Dr Xiucheng Huang Sr, director application engineering, head of Mobile Design Center (Shenzhen), for the Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA).

13 November
08:30–09:00 – ‘Next-Generation GaN power ICs Drive Transformer Revolution’, by applications director Xiucheng Huang Sr;
14:00-14:30 – ‘3rd-Gen Device Drives Ultra Power Density CRPS185 3200W Titanium Server Design’, by applications manager Tao Wei Sr.

3.5-hour Technology Seminar and GaNSafe launch event

On 13 November, Navitas is hosting an in-depth 3.5-hour technical seminar featuring the latest GaN and SiC platform news plus the official GaNSafe launch event.

Visitors to the Navitas exhibition booth (#B005) can experience GaNFast and GeneSiC technology and meet Navitas sales and field application teams plus distributors to receive professional technical support. A complete range of mobile fast-charger, consumer, and home appliance hardware is on display, with a focus on high-power systems, including 3200W CRPS185 data-center power with almost 100W/in3 power density and ‘Titanium Plus’ efficiency performance. A new design for high-power, bi-directional on-board EV charger is also being shown.

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