Lima Major Betting Playoffs Overview: Teams, Odds & Predictions

Following the conclusion of the Group Stage, the Lima Major is moving on to the next stage of the competition with the 12 best Dota teams in the world. Considering this, we’ve gathered esports bettings odds and our very own Lima Major 2023 Playoffs predictions – read on to learn more!

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Lima Major Betting 2023 Playoffs – Opening Matches

Briefly, let’s remember the context for this Dota Pro Circuit event as one of the top Dota 2 tournaments all year. 18 of the best teams in the world gather in Lima Peru to compete for $500,000 on 22nd February. Following the initial Group Stage, the top 4 teams from each group have progressed to the Upper Bracket. Meanwhile, 2 teams from each group are in the Lower Bracket.

Currently, the competition is enjoying a day of rest before diving into the Playoffs tomorrow. Specifically, the Upper Bracket matches offer massive stakes and are perfect Dota betting opportunities.

Here’s the schedule for the opening BO3 Upper Bracket Playoffs matches:

February 28th/March 1st

  • Gaimin Gladiators vs Team Aster (16:00 CET)
  • Entity vs Evil Geniuses (19:00 CET)
  • Team Spirit vs Shopify Rebellion (22:00 CET)
  • Team Liquid vs Talon Esports (01:00 CET)

In this Lima Major Betting preview, we’ll be diving into each match and its associated odds using esports betting operator, MyStake. Feel free to learn more about the operator in our MyStake review!

Gaimin Gladiators vs Team Aster

Over on the Dota Pro Circuit standings, both of these teams are tied for points thus far in the season. Bearing this in mind, we’ll have to resort to performances from the Group Stage of the event, While Gaimin Gladiators managed to clench first place in Group A, with some very impressive performances, Team Asters is the fourth seed from Group B. Considering that Team Aster only have half the number of wins that Gaimin have at this point in the tournament, our predictions have to support the recent form which Gaimin Gladiators have been in, more than likely to win here.

  • Predictions: Gaimin Gladiators vs Team Asters (2-0)
  • Odds: Gaimin Gladiators Outright Win (1.42)

Entity vs Evil Geniuses

Lima Major Betting Playoffs

Image Credits: Valve

This next match is a whole lot more contested, perhaps the toughest match to predict in this Lima Major Betting guide. Although Evil Geniuses are ranked higher in the Dota Pro Circuit standings, Entity have truly been outstanding at this event so far. Specifically, finishing second in Group B, with a 4-1 record, they are looking stronger than Evil Geniuses, who finished third in Group A with a 3-1 record. So yes, although Evil Geniuses may have a more impressive legacy, Entity are favourites to win this match-up. This one is won to keep in mind if you’re interested in Dota 2 live betting!

  • Predictions: Evil Geniuses vs Entity (1-2)
  • Odds: Entity Outright Win (1.75)

Team Spirit vs Shopify Rebellion

Moving on, we have the 2021 The International Champions, Team Spirit facing off against Shopify Rebellion. Ranked equally on the Dota Pro Circuit, their records from the Group Stage are similar to the previous match, with Spirit finishing second in Group A, and Shopify Rebellion finishing third in Group B. However, this match looks to be more decisive considering Team Spirit’s reputation and their legacy as World Champions – can Shopify Rebellion maybe upset here?

  • Predictions: Team Spirit vs Shopify Rebellion (2-0)
  • Odds: Team Spirit Outright Win (1.59)

Team Liquid vs Talon Esports

Compared to the other matches, the fourth and final opening Upper Bracket match looks to be the most one-sided out of all of them. apart from Team Liquid placing first in the Dota Pro Circuit standings, they simply dominated their Group with a flawless 6-0 record. In this light, Talon Esports, as the fourth seed of Group A, truly has their work cut out for them. Clearly, all the odds and Dota 2 predictions are in favour of a dominant showing from Team Liquid.

  • Predictions: Team Liquid vs Talon Esports (2-0)
  • Odds:  Team Liquid Outright Win (1.12)

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