6 October 2023

k-Space Associates Inc of Dexter, MI, USA – which was founded in 1992 and produces thin-film metrology instrumentation and software for research and manufacturing of microelectronic, optoelectronic and photovoltaic devices – has earned an ‘A’ result — the best possible result — on its recent VDA 6.3 P6 Process Analysis/Production assessment.

“The VDA quality standard is required by automotive manufacturers in Germany,” notes CEO Darryl Barlett. “As a global manufacturer of thin-film metrology tools for the semiconductor industry, and of industrial metrology solutions for the automotive, glass, and solar panel industries, it’s a standard we strive to meet and surpass.”

The VDA 6.3 standard is used by the German automotive industry and is followed by companies that supply German car manufacturers such as Daimler, Volkswagen and BMW, as well as by non-automotive companies. It is an auditable standard consisting of seven parts (P1–P7). The P6 component of the VDA 6.3 standard refers to Process Analysis/Production. This phase checks that the necessary measures have been taken to ensure that quality products are built and delivered on time and meet customer requirements. Factors that are assessed include:

  1. ability to meet manufacturing targets;
  2. adequacy of manufacturing spaces, work instructions, and inventory control systems;
  3. capability to meet customer requirements;
  4. identification and approval of incoming materials;
  5. maintenance of manufacturing equipment;
  6. collection and analysis of quality and process management data;
  7. employee training and responsibilities.

The ‘A’ score “demonstrates independent recognition of the process and production capabilities at k-Space,” says quality manager Doug Knoll.

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