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Romance, comedy, side-scrolling action and an unforgettable adventure are all promised in Romancelvania. 

Announced back in 2021 but available right this minute on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC (yep, you’re ready that right, there is no old-gen love here) is Romancelvania from The Deep End Games and 2124 Publishing. 

It launches into the gaming world after a successful Kickstarter campaign to allow players the chance to play as Drac, a lovelorn brooding Drac who has just about had enough of some heartbreak. It’s here where you find yourself heading out on the hunt (literally) for a new partner, looking for love in and amongst a monster reality dating show. 

Romancelvania is priced at £20.99 from the Xbox Store (expect similar pricings elsewhere), giving you the opportunity to find love at first bite. At least that’s the plan, as there’s quite obviously the distinct possibility that this Drac will be left love sucked. 

It certainly seems to be a game that has plenty for players to get involved with though, and for that £20.99 asking price, you’ll discover a game that runs the following lines…

  • FALL IN LOVE WITH A MONSTER – Discover the “”human”” inside each monster as you romance, befriend or eliminate a cast of 12 fully-voiced supernatural contestants! Taking your relationships to the next level progresses your own strength, abilities, and more.
  • WATCH YOUR SHOWMANCE UNFOLD – It’s not a reality show until there’s some drama! Make-up or break-up – we don’t judge! With a weaving story full of dialogue and narrative options, as well as the ability to choose your body type and voice, become the ultimate decision-maker in YOUR story.
  • EXPLORE… TRANSYLVANIA? – From the voluptuous Smashmounds, to the back alleys of Booty Bay, and everything in between. Discover an unpredictable, interconnected world filled with monsters to recruit, hidden date spots, and outlandish baddies and boss encounters.
  • SATISFY YOUR (BLOOD)LUST – As the former glorious Drac, stripped of their old powers, it’s up to you to become your best bloodthirsty self. Vanquish goons with iconic weapons, elementals, bats, and even Medusa’s “headouken!” on the road to your victorious rampage in this side-scrolling platformer.

If you’re up for a bit of fun, a bit of romance and a bit of the finest Drac, then Romancelvania should well suit. Head over to the Xbox Store and grab a download for Xbox Series X|S. Alternatively, it’s on PlayStation 5 and PC. 

Keep an eye out for a review from us soon. 

Game Description:

“LOVE AT FIRST BITE” OR “LOVE SUCKS?” Take a bite into Romancelvania, a darkly comic genre mashup, combining side-scrolling action and tongue-in-cheek romance into one completely absurd and unforgettable adventure. Play as a lovelorn, brooding Drac who, after a century of moping around post-heartbreak, is thrown into a monster reality-dating show, hosted by the Grim Reaper! Explore Transylvania’s perilous countryside as you slay absurd baddies on your hunt for the most eligible monsters. Will Drac find “Love at first Bite”, or will he discover “Love Sucks”?