Is Monero better than Bitcoin? It is a question that has been asked since it was discovered that Moner mining can be much easier and more rewarding than Bitcoin.

And this week Monero (XMR) has tested the truth of that assumption. As it displayed relatively uncommon stability, does that mean that Monero will surpass Bitcoin?

Another question that people have been asking for a while is “What is the next big thing in crypto?” and we might be closer to the answers than we know. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) ends its presale on June 3rd and celebrates that by offering tokens at a vastly discounted price for the remainder of the presale.


Monero Rises 0.47%: Is it Better than Bitcoin?

Monero (XMR) became famous for providing private transactions to its users, and for being easier to mine than Bitcoin or Ethereum. By using an algorithm that enables Monero mining on a relatively less-advantaged computer, it has prompted some to ask: is Monero better than Bitcoin?

Monero’s XMR has exhibited relatively low volatility compared to the overall cryptocurrency market. On Monday, it saw a modest increase of 0.47% to reach $153.8. InvestorsObserver assigns Monero a Volatility Rank of 14, indicating its low volatility compared to other cryptocurrencies. This places Monero in the bottom 14% of cryptos in terms of volatility.

The low volatility ranking suggests that Monero’s price experiences narrower swings and is less susceptible to manipulation. Currently, Monero’s price is trading near resistance levels, with support at around $152.44 and resistance at approximately $153.94. This may indicate potential selling pressures ahead as the coin may be reaching an overextended state.

Big Eyes Coin About To Pounce On The Market

Big Eyes Coin’s community has carried it through 13 stages of presale, and now the end is almost upon us, as the end of the presale has been given a date; June 3rd. The official launch will follow soon after on June 15th, but for the remainder of this final month, the presale price will be cut down to $0.00017 which was the price during stage 3.

By selling its token at a fraction of a cent, Big Eyes Coin has confirmed its dedication to its community and its gratitude for its support. Now, we can look forward to the launch of BIG’s casino and its NFT collection.

The Casino will allow holders to play P2E games using their $BIG as currency and betting chips. And the NFT collection will act as an owners’ club by providing members with exclusive events, content, and opportunities.

Big Eyes Coin has announced that it will allocate 5% of its token supply to a charity wallet dedicated to donating to charities that are saving the oceans, forests, and animals.

Bitcoin’s Price Fluctuates

Bitcoin (BTC) recently broke the $27,200 level, sparking speculation about its future price. Hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones expressed concerns about Bitcoin’s regulatory challenges and diminished positive outlook due to lower inflation expectations. CoinShares reported four weeks of outflows from crypto investment funds, primarily in Bitcoin-related products, indicating negative sentiment.

The US dollar gained traction ahead of the US Debt Ceiling Talks and the release of retail sales data. Bitcoin’s technical indicators suggest a potential bullish rebound if it maintains support above $26,800, targeting $27,800 or $27,500.


The answer to the first question we asked was “Is Monero better than Bitcoin?” may not be so easy to agree upon, and neither is the answer to the second question “What is the next big thing in crypto?” but we can make educated guesses on both of them.

Monero mining does not require much computational power which has helped raise its price significantly. And with the end of Big Eyes Coin’s presale, things in the crypto world might soon change, since we will be finally able to witness its potential in effect.

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