HTC, Taiwanese consumer electronics, in partnership with Binance
will release the new variation of the EXODUS 1 smartphone product on 5 December
2019. This sale will only run on the HTC EXODUS Website.

The release of this crypto-engineered phone was announced early last month by the exchange. This smartphone will kick off sales at a retail price of US $599, which is equivalent to SG $889. In an attempt to serve its purpose, users can purchase this device using crypto (Bitcoin and BNB).

Purchase Rewards

During the announcement, it was revealed that Binance will be issuing 500
buyers with an “early adopter” bonus of US $100. However, the bonus is issued
in BNB rather than in fiat currency. Buyers for the bonus will be identified on
a first come first served basis. These first 500 consumers must be KYC
completed to enjoy the bonus.

After purchasing the device through the HTC EXODUS site, submit the purchase information as well as the Binance referral ID before 12 March, 2020. Binance will then distribute BNB rewards to individual accounts.

Cryptophone Attractive Traits

According to Binance CEO, Changpeng (CZ) Zhao, “The most innovative
smartphone makers are racing to adopt crypto. We are delighted to support and
work with HTC EXODUS to make sure its users can access the Binance Chain
and DEX
support to help people access crypto and exchange anywhere.”

This phone has a built-in hardware wallet to store certain digital currency. In addition, it has the capability to run a complete Bitcoin node. Also, it will retain the key features of an outstanding smartphone. This model boasts outstanding security features, second to none storage, and various connectivity options (3G, 4G, GPS, WiFi).

Adding to the EXODUS 1’s line, the key objective remains to empower its users. It is giving them their own keys as well as allows them run their own full Bitcoin node. Crypto enthusiasts and crypto traders have the opportunity to upgrade their smartphones to meet relevant functionality.