While Elon is revealing Twitter’s secrets, startup founders should put even more effort and focus into TRACTION generation since it’s the most direct and secure way to survive the crypto winter and outperform the competition in 2023.

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In previous digest we talked about startup hustlers. Now it’s time to turn it into practical steps! And we’re going to guide you through these tough market conditions and show how to get the maximum traction for your startup during crypto winter and without a budget.

Launching on Product Hunt

Product Hunt (PH) is a great place to launch your products and gain early traction. PH is the world’s largest platform for cool tech products. Initially it was made for web2 startups, and became the largest database of new products for tech savvy global community. But just a few people know that nowadays it has a rapidly  growing web3 and crypto community that is hungry for new products!

InnMind's Product Hunt Launch Guide will help you out.
InnMind’s Product Hunt Launch Guide will help you out.

And here are the five reasons why you shouldn’t ignore it in your market strategy:

Get Traffic on Your Website

It’s a highly-trafficked website with over 4,5 million monthly users, interested in discovering and learning about new products and services.

Build Your Credibility And Trustworthy

It’s a reliable source of information about new products and services meaning early stage startups can gain credibility and trust by sharing their products on PH.

Get Feedback

It’s a thriving and supportive community where you can potentially receive valuable feedback and support when launching your MVP.

Extend Your Network

The best way to grow your business is by partnering with like-minded people. You never know what conversations or connections you’ll make! But for sure, the Product Hunt launch leads to new valuable contacts for you and your idea. Don’t miss that opportunity. Maybe some of them would partner with you to move your vision further.

No Budget Marketing

It’s an effective marketing tool that can bring you traffic, early adopters, and community members, and if you prepare your launch properly – it even generates quality backlinks and media mentions. With almost zero marketing budget (excluding what you will spend on generating specific stuff for launching on Product Hunt, however, you will be able to reuse all this content in your current marketing channels).

Overall, PH is a valuable tool for early-stage web3 and crypto startups because it offers a platform to share their products, reach a large and engaged audience, gain credibility and trust, receive valuable feedback and support, and effectively promote their products.

InnMind team has done the research and created a particular Product Hunt Launch Guide that contains the detailed step plan with the hour-to-hour timeline on the day of launch, marketing assets, examples and tips on how to generate the maximum traction out of your product launch on PH.

InnMind Product Hunt Launch Guide
InnMind Product Hunt Launch Guide

With this guide you can get 100% prepared within a few weeks and launch your product for the global community. As a cherry on cake: InnMind team will be supporting your launch on our channels!

Founders are constantly looking to save the runaway and spread the word about their startup everywhere. I’m sure you’re also always thinking: where to get more users? How to get featured by reputable sources? How to inform a broad community about your startup without spending a fortune?

Top 10 Platforms to List Your Startup in 2023
Top 10 Platforms to List Your Startup in 2023

To save you time: we’ve made a list of the top 10 platforms to submit your startup in 2022-23 on a complimentary basis, share it with different communities of investors, founders, accelerators, entrepreneurs and market players, and as a bonus, receive backlinks and mentions!

Real hustlers would permanently save the last $ on digital tools. I’m sure you faced this: you find an outstanding online tool that you think will boost your performance, then go to the pricing page… and boom 🧨 You close the tab and continue searching for cheaper ones.

Top 10 directories & platforms to submit your startup in 2022-2023

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