How To Fix DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN Error? (Desktop & Mobile)

The DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error can be a frustrating roadblock when browsing the internet on both desktop and mobile devices. This error occurs when the Domain Name System (DNS) cannot resolve a particular domain, resulting in a dead end for your web browser. In this guide, we will explore the common causes behind this error and provide step-by-step solutions for resolving it on both desktop and mobile platforms.


1. Causes of the Error:

  • DNS Configuration Issues:
    The error often stems from misconfigured DNS settings, either on your device or the DNS server.
  • Browser Cache and Cookies:
    Accumulated cache and cookies may interfere with DNS resolution. Clearing them can sometimes resolve the issue.
  • Network Issues:
    Problems with your internet connection or network settings may contribute to the error.
  • Blocked Websites:
    Some websites may be intentionally blocked by your ISP or network administrator.

2. Troubleshooting Steps for Desktop Users:

  • Step 1: Clear Browser Cache and Cookies:
    Navigate to your browser settings and clear the cache and cookies. This ensures that your browser is fetching the latest DNS information.
  • Step 2: Flush DNS Cache:
    Open the command prompt as an administrator and type ipconfig /flushdns to clear the DNS resolver cache.
  • Step 3: Change DNS Servers:
    Switch to a different DNS server. Google’s Public DNS ( and or OpenDNS are popular choices.
  • Step 4: Disable DNS Prefetching:
    In your browser settings, disable DNS prefetching to prevent conflicts with the DNS resolution process.

3. Troubleshooting Steps for Mobile Users:

  • Step 1: Clear Browser Data:
    Access your mobile browser settings and clear browsing data, including cache and cookies.
  • Step 2: Reset Network Settings:
    In your mobile device settings, reset network settings to ensure there are no issues with your internet connection.
  • Step 3: Change DNS on Mobile:
    Some mobile devices allow you to change DNS settings. Navigate to network settings and input a custom DNS, such as Google’s Public DNS.
  • Step 4: Use a Different Browser:
    If the error persists, try accessing the website using a different browser.


Resolving the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error requires a systematic approach, addressing potential issues with DNS configurations, browser settings, and network connections. By following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this guide, both desktop and mobile users can overcome this error and enjoy uninterrupted access to their desired websites.

Remember to proceed with caution, especially when making changes to DNS settings, and consider seeking professional assistance if the issue persists. With the right steps, you can navigate through this error and make your online experience smoother and more reliable.


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