We often talk ranking high on search engines and getting more traffic. Trend is changing and SEO guys are focusing more on convertible traffic.A big debate that has been raging forever is to what works for websites to get more traffic. With Search Engine algorithms changing rapidly, it is becoming difficult to outsmart the algorithms and get more traffic.
Remember every problem has a solution. Do you want 1 Million Traffic to your website in 2023? The fact is that there are certain fixed ways that always yield good results.
You will agree with me once you go through this article that reveals the greatest secrets to get more traffic. Let’s get this show on the road.

1. Usage of LSI Keywords

LSI KeywordsA good content developer doesn’t stuff the content with keywords. He will not let the quality let down. He can use synonyms of the keywords that are used commonly and can drive huge amount of traffic as for synonyms the traffic density is low so the competition is less and you can rank high easily. An SEO guy can generate a list of LSI keywords from awesome free SEO tools and the Content developer can use those. A trend has been seen increasing on the use of long tail Keywords they help websites rank high as the competition is less and the clients do use these long tail keywords quite often.

LSI Keywords

When & Where You Should Put the LSI keywords:

  • LSI Keywords do not replace the main keywords, they supplement the main keywords and act as helpers.
  • The main keywords is still essential, omitting the primary keywords will not improve your rankings.
  • The main keyword acts in conjunction with the LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords.
  • Add no more than two LSI keywords to the main keyword to avoid keyword stuffing.
  • This strategy is helpful in two different ways, it will help you to avoid Google penalties for keyword stuffing or help you recover from a Google penalty.
  • This method still yields maximum search results without having to overdo it with keywords.

2. Create Ethical Backlinks

Off-Page SEO
Backlinks in Off-Page SEO are a very genuine way of making your website visible off-page. It is considered risky as people tend to overdo it and try to buy the backlinks that is considered unethical by Google Police. If you get off-page links from good websites where the content is relevant to be linked to the website it will definitely bring you more traffic. Try to drive traffic from bloggers or guest bloggers who are developing content relevant to your website products or services and try to get backlinks from there.

We also have seen Sponsored links helping get more traffic to the website. But one needs to stay careful around it as it is an unethical way of back linking.

3. Get Reviews to Business

Google Business Listing

Reviews are a perfect way to bring in more traffic to the website. First of all try to get as many genuine reviews as you can. Ask your customers to drop reviews on your website, Google Page, or Social Media accounts. Some website owner do go for paid reviews but you must stay watchful there.
It has become challenges but what are sales without challenges.

4. Long Form of Content
A 500 word blog post will do no good to you. It will not have sufficient keywords to get your web page visibility nor can the content be very explanatory. With long form blog post you basically earn credibility of knowledge and people tend to trust websites that deliver more knowledge to the customers. There are many avid readers out there who want to read more and more about the things of their interest.

Long Form of Content
These tips of content marketing have been thoroughly tried and tested for many business domains and they have yield good results when followed consistently. To get more traffic on the website one must stay enthusiastic and work continuously to keep website ranking higher. The tactics will change every other day but some are there to stay forever. If you are determined and stay consistent with the well tested techniques, driving 1 Million traffic is no big deal for your website.

Develop a good content with keywords and nice Visual content. The visual content is known to bring 400 times more engagement. Add a link to your website or landing page to a very enticing image once the audience clicks it they reach your landing pages increasing the traffic density and lead generation.

5. Social Media Presence

Social Media PresencePeople are very active on Social Media accounts and this is a very lucrative channel that can drive them to your website. If you are looking for quick results on traffic, you must optimize your social media accounts with convertible data that can link your followers to the website. It is a very genuine way of driving more traffic to your website. An enticing title will work like wonders to make the clicks happen.

Social Media Presence

Facebook Algorithms are programmed this way that if they receive more comments the posts rank high. These types of tricks help you increase the visibility across the pages and lead to more potential leads on website.

Be consistent on you social media accounts with engaging content or visual content as social media pages bring a huge amount of traffic to the websites. The followers can receive notification from the pages and can learn about a new page that connects them to the website landing page. If the content is interesting enough then the users may even share the posts and bring more traffic on their credibility.

Instagram Marketing
On your Social Media accounts you must have received a lot of posts that run contests and then you win an e-book or a freebie. What are these? These are simple ways to engage customers and bring them to your website. Direct the contest forms to your website or the e-books to be downloaded from your website. It ensures the traffic density to your website increases.

6. Use Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing

If you are comfortable spending some more money for ranking high it is advisable to run. These campaigns charge your website for per click but post that you need to ensure the website is spank enough to retain and convert the potential customer.

Pay Per Click Marketing

7. Retarget the audience
Go deep into the analytics of the website. Every page and link back to the traffic and can retarget the audience to any other page like social media account or blog. Make sure your blog or social media page has good content that can spread like a viral wave. It adds to your credibility and the retargeted audience is easy to convert. This will increase the repeat traffic to your website and hence lead to higher rankings automatically and more traffic.

8. Start Guest Blogging Or Ask Prominent Writers To Write On Your Blogs
Content is the king and you must always keep strong focus on develop good and useful content. When you Guest Blog you can earn yourself backlinks to your blog and when other prominent writers write on your blog, your blog gets credibility.

This is how you can search for Guest Bloggers:

Guest Blogging

9. Control your bounce rate

Bounce rate by industry

A higher bounce rate and do bigger damage to your website. It is not easy to bring potential traffic to the website but retaining the customers on the page is even tougher. If your bounce rate is higher your ranking can sink badly. Keep a strong focus on the website analytics and make your website fast loading, content rich, visual content addition to ensure lest bounces.

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