About me

I am a senior in college studying Computational Data Science with a minor in Entrepreneurship and innovation.

Why I wanted to learn Angular

I became interested in front end development back in high school, when I first started to learn HTML and CSS. I had an idea to start a website of my own, and I found that Angular had the packages that could make my idea possible.

How I approached learning Angular

Getting started with the technology was kind of hard at first because I did not know the structure of the framework and how to use and incorporate the packages efficiently.

Challenges I faced

There were many challenges that came about building the website, but the key is to stay consistent. Codementor really helped me in the beginning understanding the process understanding the documentation and getting past those obstacles. Aside from the coding, there are other challenges that come from building your own website such as marketing and deploying the final product.

Key takeaways

The biggest takeaway I learned from the project is that there is always something that can be improved. If something seems too complicated, there is most likely a more efficient way around you issue. Don’t be afraid to ask and find out.

Tips and advice

Try to stay organized. The more organized you keep your project, the easier it will be to navigate and will save you a bunch of time.

Final thoughts and next steps

My next learning goal is to use my knowledge to help out others and learn from them as well.

Source: https://www.codementor.io/jba5337/how-i-learned-angular-1hzjsmya6s