About me

I’m a software developer and student at UTN FRBA, Argentina.

Why I wanted to learn Angular 2+

I was expecting to change my old job. I was having a really bad time, I felt like that wasn’t what i wanted to do for living. So I spent some money and took a chance to learn a bit more than i was learning in University already.

How I approached learning Angular 2+

I took a course in a famous platform with a guy who i followed in youtube. It was one of my best experiences ever! He made sure that everything was well covered!

Challenges I faced

In quarentine it was really hard to concentrate, not only because of distractions but because of the people i live with. It is hard, but it payed off really well!

Key takeaways

The instructor was excelent and that made me realize that teaching or helping others to understand something can be really enjoyable. That’s the reason why i opend my account here, because not only I’m able to help others but I’m able to learn new things and practice too!

Tips and advice

Keep learning new stuff everyday, resarch and be always looking out for new projects or ideas. The amount of stuff out there in the internet is amazing!

Final thoughts and next steps

I’m currently learning Ionic 5 and all the knowledge that i learned from Angular is just amazingly useful. I’m able to build beautiful apps both for Android and iOS. I expect to keep learning about front-end technologies but also I want to enforce my knowledge in back-end (JAVA).

Source: https://www.codementor.io/matiastomaspastoripiedrabuena/how-i-learned-angular-2-1iv42hyxv0