3 November 2023

Tokyo-based Hitachi Ltd has agreed to transfer all the shares of its subsidiary Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device to MinebeaMitsumi Inc of Nagano, Japan.

Since being established in October 2013 through the integration of Hitachi and Hitachi Haramachi Electronics Co, Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device has provided products utilizing high-voltage and low-loss power semiconductor technologies, with insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT)/silicon carbide (SiC), high-voltage ICs and diodes as its three main product categories.

The firm’s IGBT/SiC products are targeted at decarbonization market sectors where high growth is expected, such as electric vehicles (EVs) and inverters for wind power generators, as well as railroad applications. In high-voltage ICs for industrial and home appliance applications, Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device contributes to system efficiency improvement and noise reduction through motor control technology and software. It also provides diodes for automotive applications, which require high reliability over a long period of time.

After much discussion with parent firm Hitachi on measures to achieve further growth and enhance corporate value, it was concluded that the best way for Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device to continue its growth was as part of MinebeaMitsumi, which positions the analog semiconductor business as one of its core businesses.

Under MinebeaMitsumi, with whom Hitachi Power Devices has been collaborating for many years, Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device aims to enhance its strengths in high-voltage, low-loss technologies, expand its production capacity and improve manufacturing efficiency to provide higher-value-added products in larger quantities.

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